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Does anyone know any good cottages or places to stay in either the Lake District or the New Forest that are dog friendly?  Looking for February half term for a few days. Thanks!!

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Hi Nicky

i havent tried myself, but some time ago we were thinking about new forest and there are few websites that allow a search for dog friendly places.. I see these ones (quite like the cabins!!! some of them take pets):



and if you search in google new forests cabins or new forests cottages there are several websites.. although, as i said, i havent tried myself :)


btw, i would add that most of the cabins are a bit expensive (at least for our standards) and maybe only worth out of mid-term or if you share in a little group...

Thanks Finn.  I think before we book anything we would certainly call as what would be safe for most dogs I know our boy would see as a challenge to go for a run!  Sounds like a nice place that you stayed in - if you could PM me the name I'd like to look into that place - even though we wanted to hit the lakes as our first choice it would be nice to look at the Peak District as an alternative.

I know exactly what you mean about the enclosed gardens, we like to holiday in Devon/Dorset but one house we stayed at their idea of an enclosed garden was a 3ft high wall which JD jumped over with no effort & at another house the garden was surrounded by bushes that he managed to push his way through & escape. Nothing less than a 6ft high fence will do. Its good they consider themselves dog friendly then when u arrive there's a note saying "please don't let the dogs upstairs" a bit tricky when it's open plan & there's no doors to keep them away from the stairs! So yes it is a good idea to phone before booking.

I don't know about cottages as we have a caravan, but we didn't find the lakes setter friendly, sheep sheep and more sheep.  Mine are both safe around horses and cattle not sheep probably because we don't have any around where I live.  Have you thought about the Forest of Dean, some lovely dog walking around there.  I can recommend whitemead Forest Park, they have apartments and log cabins.

We stay in Derwent manor apartments Portinscale near Keswick. No gardens but a paddock by the river for the early and late run. Plenty of walking and Forrest walks too. Some photos on my page of our holidays in this area of the lakes




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