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On discussing the intelligence of dogs on the bbc this morning (9th August) Dr Roger Mugford when pressed on which breed was the thickest, replied the Irish Setter was mentioned, is this right? what do other Irish Setter owners think.

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Have you ever heard it said about a stunning model..."she can't have a brain she's to beautiful"?
Well..... that's the problem with our beautiful Setters, one who doesn't own them just can't imagine that they can be intelligent and beautiful too. They are the Super Models of the canine world :0))

I like that Dianne (",)

Well considering I have an Irish Setter who alerts me that I need to increase my medication, AND who has managed to rouse me when I was slipping into an Addisonian crisis, I hardly think that shows Irish Setters to  be thick dogs.   I think Roger Mugford is way behind the times when it comes to understanding the intelligence of dogs.   He also has a railway line which runs across the bottom sections of one of his fields.  My dogs were running down there one afternoon,. and I shouted "wait" as the train went along. They stopped and then I gave them the command to move on.  He asked how on earth I had trained my dogs to do that - when his own Setter couldn't....... "because I have trained mine Roger" !!!!!




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