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Hi Everyone

I have always for many years used CleanAural to clean my dogs ears.

I have always found it to be great it has changed name over the years but still the same product and my vet recommends it.


But after using on Riley he ended up with sore looking ears which did not seem to bother him but I am now not keen to use. They did return to normal after a couple of days.


Any Ideas on what else I can use? after having a dog which suffered very bad with her ears I like to prevent any nasties happening by keeping them clean.


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Hi Jennie! As for the cleaning, we use Denes Ear Cleaning. I find it great since it is a paste (no drops), so is very easy to work around the inner ears , and it is very gentle (well, at least for Oberon: he doesnt complaint at all..).. nice smell also. 


Thanks so much for that...have had a read and it sounds right up my street.

I use the oils all the time in my work but its all on people..must do a course on animals to get the amounts right..

I love the smell of the oils I put Lavender on their collers and they smell lovely....

you are welcome, I hope it will help:)




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