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Several people have reported (and I have confirmed) issues with accessing our email. I have reported the issue to Ning. Will keep you posted.

Thanks for your patience.


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Should be working now.
im same barbara
It LOOKS as if its working, but once you try clicking on a message, it tells you the page can not be found.
Seems to be working for me. Just sent emails to Barbara, Ursula, and Camilla. Let's see if they receive them and can open them.
Hi Gene

I tried to send a message about an hour ago to Camilla and it just kept sending and I had to eventually shut down IE cause it wouldn't go through and I couldn't get out of the screen.
OK. Now I am having issues too. I will let Ning know.

It's a holiday weekend in the States. It may be Tuesday before this gets resolved.
No Gene, not working yet...I got an e-mail telling me you had sent a message but I can not get in to the page.
Actually it has worked for a while last night I managed to read a few mails, but gone again now.
Now working again!!!
I have had a ''1new'' message notice for a long time I did send you a message Gene but got nothing..I can now get 'most' of my messages open but not this particular one still keeps coming up with the same message contact ning...or you...
Mine is better than it was last night. I can see emails but can't get to older ones.

I raised this issue to Ning. Hopefully, they resolve it in the next day or two.
gene i cant get into my inbox at all been for a few days now.




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