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Several people have reported (and I have confirmed) issues with accessing our email. I have reported the issue to Ning. Will keep you posted.

Thanks for your patience.


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Everyone seems to have had comment left on their page by www.makemoneywith-google.com, but they don't exist !
I've noticed that too....
That's because I banned the Member who spammed it but the system didn't quite clean up all of the remains of their stay.
My inbox is partially blocked
Thanks for everyone's updates and patience. It appears that new emails are available, and older emails are available, but not recent (3-4 days) ones. Again, hope that Ning gets this solved tomorrow.
Here's the latest. I am in contact with Ning and sent them examples of emails I still can't access. Hopefully, resolving mine will resolve everyone's issue. Will keep you posted.
I can now get to all of my email. If anyone has any issues, please email me directly with the link to the email you can't access and I will send in to Ning. Thanks!
hi gene my emails are fine now .many thanks




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