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Hi, I wondered if anyone can give me some advice about my Irish setter Scarlett. She is 12 months old and has suddenly become really naughty. She was very well behaved having attended 3 puppy training courses. She came in from the garden as soon as I whistled, had never weed indoors and never chewed anything apart from her dozens of toys. But in the last couple of weeks she has become a nightmare! She has chewed up cookery books, a tablecloth, table mats and anything she can climb up to get. She has weed in the lounge despite being outside for an hour before. She ignores all commands, jumps up all the time and is mouthing and biting our hands and arms. But the most frustrating thing is she just barks all the time if she hasn't got your undivided attention and especially at four o'clock every night.

We have 2 other dogs including a five year old setter that she sleeps with and is with during the day. I am at home all day so she has company. She is regularly walked, has a huge variety of toys that we play with and gets lots of cuddles.

Nothing has changed at home, she is very healthy and eating well, so why is she such a pain at the moment? I wondered if she might have her back teeth coming through - I am not sure when they usually grow? That would explain the biting but need to stop all the other unwanted behaviour especially the jumping up and barking!!

Please can anyone suggest anything to help?

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I thought Cesar Millan was a man?  would not take any advise from him anyways

Well let me see......




Pinch collars and e collars and roller blading behind a pack of dogs.

Has no-one realised yet that "edited" highlights can make any one look good


I would like to see the "out takes " from these programmes. Especially the one wgere trhe trainer is bitten by the GSD she foolishlyt decides to grab by the collar and remove from a room!

I enjoy watching those shows but never do I think that some of Cesars methods would apply to a setter.

Often when you see him doing what you are referring to Ossian it is a pit bull or GSD who has shown major aggression.  It is like a last ditch attempt to keep the dog in his neighborhood and home rather than destroying them.  I have never seen him even work with a setter actually.  Or any sporting breed other than lab mixes.  I am sure there is a reason for that.  I don't think our breeds require that type of dominance and forceful training methods.  But I do feel some breeds might.  I say might because I am no authority on this subject other than I am glad someone is taking on the challenge.  I would never use a zap collar on my dog even if he is barky at times.  He only barks in the park when he plays and he gets crazy yappy.  I figure it is okay to do that there.  It is a dog park afterall!  At home he only barks for a reason and I tell him enough and he stops.  I think many people can learn some good ideas from the dog trainer shows and apply them to their situations.  I have seen overly dominate dogs in our park wearing a zapper and it is rarely used on them except if they are about to react wrong to a situation that might be dangerous.  And those seem to be very large, overly dominate dogs.  Two Great Dane males we know got way to big for their owners to control and aggressive and the collar worked well for them.

Sorry Sue - I cant agree!


If youi start a fight in a bar and I come in to stop it and I punch you in the face.... what have you learned

my first setter was still digging holes and digging under the fence at 15 years
I know you are all going to think that I am an absolute bitch but has no one thought of beating the shit out of her? If you have tried everything else to no avail then try violence.......it might work.
A friend of mine cured a constantly barking dog with a citronella collar.
the collars are used in our local council and have no problems. our setter gets really excited when we get home and barks. When we leave alone she does not bark just waits until we get home. Training is the answer and we have achieved this with our IS. Setters are placid dogs and need training.

Love it.... how can you that and not get a law suit???


Setters are too clever for citronella collars. they work out when they are on and sit quiet an then when they are empty they bark like crazy!

Absolutely! One Gordon sinply made a huffing sound til he saw if it was workjng but his problem was barking in the car and he would delight in barking like an idiot with it on in the car and nearly ckoked his owner to death!  <g>


She ended up giving him a big marrow bone instead

Then ladies it is up to you to keep the buggers topped up!!  If your rocket scientist works out that he can huff out of the side of his mouth rather then giving it his all then you are half way there!! 

Now ladies you are all concentrating on the barking.  What about the peeing on the carpet?  I cured a bitch of this very quickly years ago but I am not going to tell you how because you are all far too sensitive.......you don't even bash your kids any more for heaven's sake!!!!!!

You would think us trainers would be wiser. Mine had a frisbee thing to keep him occupied and he hit me on the back of the head with it... while I was driving!

Ladies where are your dog guards for heaven's sake......................naughty!!!!!!

Eunice......Citronella collars are not electric shock collars and are harmless. They are much easier than carrying a spray bottle around with you and do the same job.

Incidentally Cesar Milan uses shock collars cos he has them for sale.  You can do it all yourselves without the need of a dog whisperer or trainer or lifestyle coach or psychiatrist or psycho analyst or whatever other expert.  Have confidence.....it's free!!!!!!

Still no advice on peeing on the carpet though??????




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