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Ruby is 10 .5 years old. She has arthritis. We are doing everything we can to make her life easier as she is such a strong dog!! We have changed her diet (for the better), cut her treats down and she has weakly hydrotherapy. Unfortunately her right front paw has become very flat and I am assuming this is carpal hyperextension (although I’m no vet and our vet doesn’t seem that interested). It gets better then she trips and makes it weak again. Has anyone ever tried the supports you can buy and if so, any recommendations?

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Hi Alison, I have no experience with those supports but I've seen a blog here on ES and the supports do make perfect sense to me. Have a look here - scroll down: http://irishsetters.ning.com/profiles/blogs/11-years-old-today-happ... And this one is for the support of the paw: http://www.backontrack-uk.co.uk/ourshop/prod_5310143-Back-on-Track-... For that prize I would simply test them. I do sprain my own ankle now and again and wear a bandage then for support and it really helps; I can even go hiking in the Alps with that. Good luck! C & J




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