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Hi Guys,

have any of you heard of a tiny GPS that goes onto a dogs collar or a childs bag?

they say you can track them down where ever they are. heard about  it on a new  digital gagets show. came in on the end of the programe so didn't get all the info.

cheers Rosie

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I found this but it is very expensive,



No its meant for working trial dogs - not so that you can keeptrack of your dog on walk!

the one i saw has just been realised this year it is tiny nothing like a bulky collar.

it was on Nine network. Charlie Brown on the Today Show (Australia) just sounded interesting it was i think for  kids as well. bit big brother?

cheers Rosie

here here Finn.  And my braincells on a monday morning to boot.
Americans use them for field trialling

Sure do Sue and then they get on horses witht eh sat nav screen and follow the dog.


Apparently the area is SO large its how they need to keep up but now ask me how they set up a FT over there???

Thereby hangs the tail (as it were) at 12 o clock high!! <g>


But it would seem in US that a FT consists of an area given over for the dogs. a truck drives out very early and "plants" the birds (no wild ones apparently) and then dog number 1 is released (I kind of think if ts smart it follows the smell of diesel but hey that might be cynical)


But unlike our trials where there is a huge amount of fresh ground and each dog has a clean stretch to work, US works the same ground so you can imagine that some dogs might get a bit lost in a phalanx of smells trying to find a bird.


I suppose the hunters enjou it!



Not sure about what you have heard about American field trial but yes we do run or dogs off horseback but they are to be kept at a flat walk in AKC trial some clubs may use an ATV to plant bird most are planted off horse back, because there are not a lot of wild bird around. Most ground we run on are 500 acres or more and we use a GPS for peace of mind so that if the dog does get lost we can find it. GPS are not allowed to be pulled out while the dogs are running only if the dog gets lost and you can not find it do you use a GPS. If you have to use it then the dog is disqualified. Your description sound like the same myth about all dogs needing a 12 O'clock tail, The 12 o'clock tail is equal to the same fashion statement as the coat in the show ring.  Non of the 23 american dual champions had 12o'clock tail nor did they run out of site but I did run my girl with a GPS to make sure I could always find her.




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