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I have a friend who has Golden Retrievers and is a contributor of a similar forum.  They have recently had a grooming workshop day by popular demand whereby you take along an untrimmed dog and you all help each other trim.  They rented a village hall & all in all it was a huge inexpensive success.


Any body interested in one for Irish setters,  I for sure would welcome some help in trimming!

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Hi Eva, how are those puppies doing, can you put some photos up?

Did you have any reply regarding the grooming workshop, there seem to be quite a few people interested now?




I am in the UK in July, so if this is held anytime then, any chance I can tag along :-)

Ooh can I come, too, please? Is there going to be a workshop somewhere in the South East???


Errol positively hates grooming - now there is a challenge for y'all....

The Irish Setter Club of Scotland held a trimming workshop last year and it was very successful with quite a few new owners and not just show people coming along to learn, very informal with a soup and sandwich lunch. Helps keep in touch with all members of Clubs and not just show fraternity.


Yes this is the sort of thing I had in mind, my friends Goldie workshop was a huge success!



I live in Hampshire and am close to the M27 and would definately be up for a trimming/grooming day and would quite happily contribute some cakes to the cause !!  :o)

Please count me in, any day would normally suit apart from Mondays and Fridays!


How about in the South West? Would love to attend!





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