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Achillies is about 62cm on the shoulder he is getting more leaner now. putting alot of muscule...
I feed him Hill's Science Puppy food for 0-12moths.
apparently that and Eukanuba are the best so I guess I got that right. Though, he is from working lines and not show dog. Any indication of how tall working ones grow. I know they are smaller than the show lines.


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Hi, How old is Achillies now?

Pamela L-B
Hi, he looks like a tall boy in the pics! I can't help you I am afraid but am interested in his age.
My 10 month pup is quite tall (show lines) and you reminded me that I must measure him!
my 10 (nearly 11) month old is 25.5inches now which is about 64.8cm, I don't think he's going to grow much bigger than that!
he is 7 months... almoust 8 on the 17th of may
I can't find a tape measure, grrr! But i think Reuben was 25 inches about 2 months ago and I weighed him today and is 26.7 kgs. He is on Arden grange puppy/junior. I am thinking of changing his food soon.
Hi Petros,
I always put my puppies onto Adult food by the time they are four months. I feel that the Puppy food tends to make them tall and leggy too soon, rather than a slow steady growth.
I put my boy on adult food ages ago too, to begin with he was on Arden Grange puppy/weaning and then went on to Arden Grange lamb and rice adult, this was mainly because with 2 other adults its just eaiser come feeding time to have them all on the same thing. Need to find a tape measure now to check if he is actually the same height as a month or so ago, haven't weighed him, dont think my bathroom scales would take it! lol
Those that have switched over from puppy food to adult food, any clue if a fish protein diet is okay or not?
I keep hearing that grain free and fish protein aren't good for the first year of life. Just wondered why that is?
When you measure them is it from the floor to the shoulder? Cash just turned 6 months and is 22 1/2 inches tall.
He weighs about 40lbs now.
not sure on that Susan, sorry. With my boy he went onto adult when I had used up all the puppy food from the litter so must of been about 4 months as I'd brought loads!! I've had a nice steady growth rate, he's a greedy monkey though and I've ended up having to cut down the amount I feed so he's less of a chunky fat monster, he's now looking alot leaner and more mature for have half the amount of feed and he actually looks bigger for it, go figure!!
hahaha.. nice clue... Ill try and track some down. IT would be good to see a super-working dog in the fields look very beautiful. with a nice coat. most of the working ones are not very groomed.




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