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Who has dogs with a hunting bloodline and exterior för show?

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looking for a bitch 2Yrs or older for breeding

You should contact your own Clubs in Sweden to start with, Thomas?

Here we go again. No even going to go there bye

Here, here Angela.ENOUGH is ENOUGH! I feel someone is stirring again.

OK I have my tail between my legs now, I seem to have read this diferent to others. Few words on this post I thought Thomas was looking for a bitch over 2 yrs for himself to breed from. My apologies to you Thomas, this is how the last few weeks on here has made me. This is no  excuse maybe I should not comment for a while on discussions <:0(

That, Mrs Clarke was below the belt and absolutely, utterly unnecessary and extremely unpleasant of you.  

And Mrs. Clark immediately apologized so let's give Mr. Oden the chance to accept or take offense, shall we? :-)

Sorry Mrs Simmons, but she has not, she posted 3 hours ago, my post was 50 minutes, she is referring to another blog, not mine.    

Poor Mr Oden, we  hope that other members will be as kind as you have been and give him a gentle ride.  What is wrong with them, they seem to go into pack formation, and gang up new members, shocking.

Tommy Thomas, Angela said "Im not going to go there, bye" and then posted that she had her tale between her legs, she had mis read the post. The apology was nothing "snarky" as you may have mistakenly interpreted it. Angela Clark is a very nice member. I apologize that new members are under suspicion let's all try to error on the side of kindness. : )

I have said I am sorry if I got it wrong, you wrote this 2 hours after that. Most people would have deleted it but what is said is said, and I have never deleted anything that I have writen, can you say the same ? No ! so back off.

Innocent 'til proven guilty, we are very glad that if we were innocent people accused of a crime and innocent, that you would not be serving on the jury or any of the other unkind members because we know that we would be in the slammer before we knew it.  When you joined the site were people just as rude and unkind to you?    

When I joined it was to gain knowledge from those more experienced than I, to share my times with my lovely dogs and to help anyone not to make the learning mistakes I did. I was welcomed, though I just looked and learned for a while before something came up that I could post about.

It is a dreadful breach of the trust we have in the ethical behaviour of new members if people join in order to post aggressive and hostile questions of setter owners and breeders on behalf of an ex-member who, I would assume, was evicted for the same type of posting. I feel I have given you the benefit of the doubt and asked about your dogs and their previous circumstances and just got abrupt ' mind your own business' replies in return. Now I would like to leave this thread to Thomas and genuine replies to him.




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