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Who has dogs with a hunting bloodline and exterior för show?

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That´s also an ongoing discussion :) that´s leading me here

and to gemany and to denmark and to....


Looking for new blodlines
And also to develope what I started eight yrs ago

Hi Thomas

You could also get in touch with the Irish Setter Club of Ireland. They may be able to help. Any suggestions would  depend on what you already have, what you are looking for and what your aims are. Could you maybe post photos of your own dog(s) and maybe the type of dog you are looking for?

There are not very many breeders on this site with working bred Irish, though Henk and Christiane come to mind.

I was going to say look to the UK or Irish Clubs, but Susan has said it all ;o)) Hope you find what you are looking for Thomas?

Hope Y´ll like the pics



Yes, I do!

I am in the US and both my red heads are hunting and show lines.  Their breeder wants their dogs to do both.




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