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I was asked by someone to remove the Halloween pics, well i hope im not being victimised as i see pics of horses hens ect which ALSO are NOT setter related so is the person who asked me to remove my pics also going to aske those members to remove theirs??? or will it be a case of who is friends of who????

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I did not see your Halloween photos, however this is a site dedicated to our beloved setters and primarily this is why we come here ....to see photos of setters, to talk about them and to hear all about them! I suppose there are other sites where you are free to put any photos you like and about any subject you like! I don't think this has anything to do with 'who is friend with who'. Please don't be offended, this is just my point of view.
I totally agree with you Catherine, personally I don't want to see any pics of halloween, horses, cats, wedding pics etc. this site is Exclusively Setters, people should " read what it says on the label" !!!!!!! regards Linda.
Sorry linda im posting them again you dont have to look (Hugs) Carol x
I do think this is a rather narrow point of view, trying to somehow make us all stick to a certain formula.

I have enjoyed seeing Carmels newly-painted red gate, Dee's lamas and Susans new kitten as much as I have liked looking at pictures of irish setters running, hunting and playing.
If we dont like the selection of photos on this site...we dont have to look at them.
And I for one do flick past loads of photos I find boring.
We dont all have the same tastes and interests, but seeing photos of chickens, lamas, elephants, weddings and babies does give a more complete picture of the person.

And in a way that is also what this site is all about...getting to know each other better and perhaps learning a bit more about our breed at the same time.
It sort of goes hand in hand... we are all free to choose the photos we want to look at and the blogs we want to read or comment on.
And thank god for that! :-)
I Have to say because it was MY page i could do what i wish as long as it was not rude or dissruptive...seems thats not the case, but i will be watching in future what gets posted
To me it is just a member. There aren't any moderators on this board.
I did not see the photos but were they in any way offensive or could they have been seen to be offensive to some of our members? I am only thinking aloud really here.....
They seemed to be offensive to one member ;-D I think that Carol should upload her pics again! If they are offensive Gene will delete them.
Astrid thankyou also its nice to think we have some fun loveing people on here ..i love seeing everyones dog pics and i love my dogs also but i dont eat sleep and talk dog all the time i also have a job and a family
don't think so, Catherine. they were lovely pics, i even commented on them. the family in halloween costumes. lovely costumes.
i did not think that they were inappropriate - as we have seen non-setter-photos here before (as mentioned by Ursula). i have also uploaded the picture of my niece here earlier and did not think a second that you would discriminate me for that.
Laura thankyou..now that i have some support and believe me i truly thought my page i could upload them were just a fun night i would have left them for a couple of days then took them off, but there are numerous pics of a member with her horse and i didnt see her asked to remove them, thinking Halloween was such a big thing over the pond i truly thought i would just brighten your day, if the lady concerned who complained is JUST a member as i am she had NO right to ask me to remove them so im putting them on again and stuff her!!!
Thanks Vivian (Hugs)




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