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I was asked by someone to remove the Halloween pics, well i hope im not being victimised as i see pics of horses hens ect which ALSO are NOT setter related so is the person who asked me to remove my pics also going to aske those members to remove theirs??? or will it be a case of who is friends of who????

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what's all the fuss about??? Put a setter into any corner of your photo and everyone is satisfied :-)) we shouldn't be so narrow-minded. I agree with Ursula's comment!
I did not see your pictures Carol. I hope to see them soon
well it appears i have two pages on this site i must have joined twice and i dont know how to change it so they are on my other page :))
Kathie go look in my photoes they are there
It isnt Halloween again is it :)) im a spirit
nope, it gives me Carol Gill twice :)
I see her twice as well...
now you see me now you dont lol :))




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