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Hi Everyone,

for those of you who are not aware I have started a group with the above title, I am hoping it will be a great resource for those of you who like to take your dogs on holiday with you and give you ideas of places to walk along the way and whilst there. I have three, soon to be four boys so need it as much as anyone! so if you would like to post about a recent place you have been we would love to hear about it....even a great day out would be good too! Thanks xx

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Hi Christine,

My holiday blogs with many of our travels, tours and hikes are all tagged 'joyontour' - you can come with us in your mind to the North Cape or chase pigeons on the Piazza San Marco in Venice. Between the lines there is also some info, like the need for a muzzle on an Italian boat, which we solved with a Halti - or about deworming in Norway. I also started another blog once with hikes, but did not get round those last two years to continue: http://joyontour.blogspot.ch (It's in German and English!). Holidays with three boys, as you have - soon to be four (looking forward to the first pictures :-) ) - is probably a bit more difficult than with just one… I will try to post the last adventure in the Dolomites soon. Have a great day! C & J xxx

Oh wow Cornelia thanks for that info, it's exactly what I was aiming for and will be especially useful for those travelling abroad with their dogs. We tend to stay here in the UK having so many lol! I have pics of the next one but he is staying with the breeder as my husband and myself are off to Cyprus to my niece's wedding in a couple of weeks...last time we went abroad was for our honeymoon almost 10 years ago! We pick him up (Freddie) on the 17th Sept so not too long!!




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