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Arthur is long ,lanky and still slightly uncoordinated.

My son described him as an articulated tram without its driver!

I think I am insulted!!!! It is a good description though.

Hope this makes you laugh like it did me.

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woke up this morning with many messages in this discussion which I have found most enjoyable. It is nice to know about others dogs some having the same habits as yours.

I am so sorry Christine for the lose of Jack.

Hi Christine,  I am very sorry to read about your loss.  My thoughts are with you.

Sorry for your very sad loss Christine;o(

Thank you Carmel, so kind of you...it's very hard at the moment as we miss him so much, he was a very "in your face" boy and constantly THERE all the time...the kitchen feels huge without his bed and feeding chair....

Christine,Thinking about you and the boys,get in touch if you need to talk Ellen&Finlay x

So sorry Jack has had to leave you at such a young age.  Keep the happy memories alive and Jack will always be near.

ah thank you Torie.....fortunately we have lots of those, photos and videos....we just miss his physical presence so much at the moment, we feel very lucky to have such supportive friends like you who can empathise how we are feeling...thank you so muchxx

I too am very sorry for your loss. I think you may have had a stronger bond with Jack knowing he had an illness. Think of it as giving Jack 5 very happy years. I had an Irish called Fergus who was a very demonstrative affectionate boy and i missed him terribly when he got killed by a car at just 4years.

Hi Collette, thank you for your kind message..I think you might be right about having a closer bond with Jack, I know we shouldn't have favourites but we couldn't help him being ours and yes, we did have 5 very happy years with him despite his illness and problems. I am so sorry about Fergus, what a terrible tragedy for such a young boy and you. Sometimes I think these beautiful dogs are given to us to look after for just a short time to show us how wonderful life is with them.

Please excuse me for posting a third time on this discussion, after reading all the posts more than once a

"THOUGHT FOR THE DAY" came to me.

God created the irish setter to prove he had a sense of humour !!!!!!!!


Like that thought of the day, Angela (",)

Lovely to read everyone else's descriptions.  My Finn, IS, is a clever, cheeky boy.  He is a good boy when we are out on the walks, except he does not like bicycles or people wear flourescent jackets so tends to shout at them.  Finn is quite naughty when he takes something that does not belong to him i.e. socks or slippers and he gives them to the puppy so he gets in trouble.  Saxon is my ES and he is a real gentleman.  He is 9 years old and likes the comfort of the sofa.  He enjoys is walks but alway glad to get home.  My Golden Retriever is still the puppy, he will be 2 years old in a few weeks.  He is a terrible "me, me, me", no body can have cuddles without him being there.  He is beautiful and really cuddly. 




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