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Arthur is long ,lanky and still slightly uncoordinated.

My son described him as an articulated tram without its driver!

I think I am insulted!!!! It is a good description though.

Hope this makes you laugh like it did me.

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Wonderful description really made me laugh. Hamilton is 'posh boy' just looks down his nose at you Micawber rough, tough and 'go,go,go always in trouble but soooo clever.loves his agility classes certain he only does it for the applause at the end of the course. Hamilton will if pushed jump 1ft over the 1st jump. So in short Hamilton is best described as the 'Thinker' and Micawber as the 'Doer'

Sue....I love the way you have described your dogs temperaments. I get the impression, you have a really nice mix of characters.  Im going to have a look at your photo's if you don't mind, so I can match the dogs to the above descriptions :))

that was a excellent way of describing all of your dogs together. made me laugh

Loved thatSue.  Really made me laugh.  Thankyou. 

Pitanga is just herself. A fried tells me she's "too much herself to be anything else". Will play with anyone and with anything, but always keeping an eye on me. She does not show affection very often, but you can tell if she likes someone: she really makes every cuddle count as a previlege to you! However, do not mess with me or with her, she'll become this big scary dog that makes the regular german sheperd look like a yorkie next to her. Everytime someone messes with me, I can clearly see she'd giver her life for me, so I think her biggest trace is loyalty. She's not like the regular setter, I think!

Romã is just a good girl trapped in a setter's body. Every now and then the setter in her takes over, but most of the time she's just busy trying to be good. She's a bit shy and takes some getting used to new people, but when she trusts someone she's very afectionate and loves kissing ear lobes =)

She's always looking out for me and her mum, but actually gets by a lot better than Pitanga if I leave her with my parents or with a friend. A lovely young lady, most of the time, with moments of pure insanity that drive her to do stuff like climbing a tree, or wake everyone in the middle of the night, just to say "hello, I missed you tonight and I love you. No I'm going back to sleep, goodnight". She's the Golden Retriever of the Irish Setters! 

we only have Molly who I believe is so human. She loves people and the other day when I had her on the ferry she was very friendly by sniffing people's faces and ears. Not that appropriate if people do not like dogs. When she is at home she always wants to please and is a sheer lady. They tell me when I leave her at the boarding kennels as soon as I am gone she is playing and not so lady like. Does the dance thing when she greets me after being away. She is our precious Molly and yes very human like.

Rua is the Queen, independent, aloof at times and very much the Boss! Will cooperate when it suits her;o)

Milo is the Court Jester/Clown, yet very much a top dog!! Quietly commanding and gains respect from all dogs!

Megan is an actress! Gives a great performance as a brave, bossy heroine, but is really a big soft lovable character!

Abbey is just the most sweet, lovable, happy girl who loves life;o) Miss Sunshine;o)

Lovely descriptions,I feel as though I know your dogs a lot better.

It's nice to have a thread without any aggro!

Oh well, Oberon is a drama queen. If there is a  single little piece of grass under his paws he start limping toward us and then sit and  show us  the paw.. (you can see his face: "mum, please check my paw, do we need to go to the vet? Am I dramatically sick??")

If a dog plays a bit physically and pushes him, Oberon runs behind our legs and sit .."marco, silvia, that dog is so unkind, he pushes me.." .. I dont wont to think what may happen to him if he would have some "real" pain one day !!

Haha Silvia - I remember Oberon suddenly limping at Camber Sands. I bet if he would spend more time with Errol they would turn into the Kray Brothers. x

ha ha, the articulated tram description makes me laugh :))) very good one I agree! Ehm. it holds for Oberon as well I have to admit..

Abbie is the human dustbin who you will make a fuss of.The only item of food she will not eat is banana, every thing else is consumed in record time, would even risk having her nose bitten to eat another dogs food. When out she greets everyone, if they try to walk past she will walk in front of them, if then they make a fuss of her she will lean on them so they can not move with out her falling over. You have to go the way she wants or she will not walk and just go home, Bless her !

Sofie is the fussy eater who thinks she is a lap dog and a big softie at home, when out in the fields is more the tornado that hunts anything that runs.She loves life on or of lead, takes a dislike to some dogs for no reason that we can understand ( springers mostly ) we have had her from 10 weeks and she has no reason to be on the defence with any dog, but she does.




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