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I am curious to know how much time can IS spend in the snow, I see lots of photos of dogs in the snow on this site. (there is never any snow where I live) Do they get really cold , does it hurt their feet after a while do they need to thaw out like humans.

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For me...my lot can stay in the snow for hours on end, the only problem that they have is ''snowballs'' they get weighed down with them attached to their coats...depends on the coat as to how it affects them, soft coat = lots of snowballs, mine need to go in the bath as soon as they get home and tepid water sprayed on them to get rid of the snow...

How long can they stay in the snow....as long as you can...

I did see one year, that the Iditarode trail in Alaska, US, for sled dogs, was once graced with a team of Irish Setters... so they seem to be able to adapt really well...

thanks Dee would have been interesting seeing a sled being pulled by IS instead of huskies
They were US types a lot bigger than ours, and not a lot of hair on them..or they wouldn't have been going very far...and they had boots on...I think that a lot of the Huskies etc have boots too the snow/ice tends to shred their feet I think...must say they really looked as though they were enjoying it....
Thanks for the link it looks fun the IS appear to be loving it
minus 20 good grief I complain at 4 or 5 let alone minus 20 I wouldn't be able to move for the clothing.There is a sledding competition out here but the sleds have wheels not skis, it would be fun to get a group of IS to try that.
I have seen mine come out of the river and their coats start to ice up! The only thing against snow is the ice balls that they get between their feet.
We don't get a lot of snow, but do get some really hard frosts.....the kids don't seem to mind, and I think its because they are moving all the time.......might freeze if stand still to long....;-)))
Molly here enjoys playing in the snow but I do keep an eye on how wet the snow is...wetter the snow the more snow(ice) balls can build up on her paws.  I use a warm tub of water to melt the snow out of the pads of her paws here....and then gentley towel dry her feet.  Molly would skip the tub of water if she could and just chew the ice balls out herself . I figure if I am getting cold ( or length of time I would have allowed my daughters out in snow) for the amount of time she is out ....but she just comes in then , warms up and is ready for another go at the snow.  We did laugh at her Sunday night as she asked to go out at midnight ...we opened the door for her and she started out and came to a screeching halt, stared and gave the famous Irish " HMPH" and skattled back inside ....sleet and snow of about an inch on the ground at that point!  We had been having some warmer weather which she loves...(50 to 60 degrees) so figure she was as fed up with more snow as the rest of us are here.  Hurry Spring!
Thanks everyone that was interesting I'd have never thought snow would stick in their coats let alone pack in their feet
Holly my IS like to make snow angels.
Peter as they run and play the feet are warmer than the snow so it begins to melt and then more will stick to it....so it is the feet that I keep my eye on here when Molly is out playing in the snow.  Trimming the feet well helps cut down on the snow balls but it still will pack in between the foot pads....I would imagine it is like having a stone or pebble stuck in there so to avoid stone bruises I make sure to not let her run too long with those snow balls stuck to her feet.  Though she usually just comes in and warms up and is ready for another go at the snow. Our Molly particularly loves to be out in it when it is  first falling ....she loves to watch it fall it seems. 




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