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Have seen a few different opinions on this. Took Shea for his first jab last thursday and will be taking him back a week thursday for second, but how long afte that is he safe to take out? A week, ten days or two weeks?

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Ah well unfortunately the vet hasn't given us the vacs card so don't know what manufacturer
Vet said two weeks, but that seems long compared to others have heard :o(
That's interesting Fran, Shea is introduced to dogs passing, I know they are fully inoculated and we will be taking him to family houses to get him used to different people and situations. I have read that 8-12 weeks is important for socialisation, but wouldn't want to take the chance of the little fella catching anything nasty.
Jean, I don't think we are talking of vicious maniacs;-)
There is an interesting article on the website of APBC (Association of Pet Behaviour Councellors)
referring to puppy socialisation.
It says in the article that you can get puppy jabs that protect from an early age.
Fran, I fully agree with you last sentence. Too many dogs become a problem and are euthanised due to lack of socialisation. UK behaviourists like David Appleby suggest puppies being taken out to see the world from as early as 6 weeks. Neil, I suggest you carry your puppy if you are afraid of germs (though as Fran says they have an excellent immune system). Avoid places like the dog park but let him see the world by all means.By socialisation I do not mean just meeting other dogs, they need to see the world.

Funny how beliefs and traditions vary depending were you live: In Switzerland all puppies have their first jab still at the breeders aged 8 weeks and go to there new homes aged 9 weeks. From that day on they go out and mix with the crowd... including puppy classes and walks in the village or town. Noone would wait until a puppy is 16 weeks old before taking it out the first time. And all these dogs seem to thrive happily!
This used to be said like 40 years ago in Sweden...
But that was then!

Now I PRESS all my puppy-buyers to start taking the puppy out as soon as possible. And puppies are delivered at 8 weeks old here (and have had their first shots before delivery).
I am far more worried about puppies running in to unsocialised adult dogs than them catching something!
But then it is up to the owner to choose the dog the puppy may socialise with.
Had been wondering about this - we got our pup in Switzerland at 10 weeks. He'd had one jab at the breeder's and we took him out for wee walks and went to puppy socialisation classes before he got his second jab at 12 weeks. Nobody had even mentioned that it was not recommended to take puppies out.

I take it since Shea's had his first jab it is fairly safe to take him out to meet people and dogs and get his socialisation under way.
Have been taking him beyond the garden, not too far and he meets other dogs being walked past quite often so am hoping this helps, also taken him to shops whilst carrying him but not going to be able to do that for much longer as he is getting heavy.

I would like to take him to my mum's as she has a 3 yo westie x cairn with an excellent temperament but he has spots on his back at the moment and we are not sure what they are yet so dont want to chance anything
With all mine I have waited untill the vet said before they went out, and the good citizen dog training I went to with Jensen wouldn't even let the pups start the class untill they had had the 2nd jab and had waited a week.
Jean, as a ex vet nurse, can you confirm what my vets told me re jabs "both first and 2nd jab should be done at the same vets, since different vets use different brands of the vacine"
Thanks Jean, nice to know my vet was being honest with the suggestion that 1st and 2nd should ideally be done at the same place and the reason behind it!! Yes, I did mean with the pups. x
Check with your vet. Ours was 10 days




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