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I have puppy proofed, but cannt Elsa proof !!

Please give me hope. Elsa now 7 months chews / eats everything ie. toys metal wood carpets material plastic paper dirt grass bricks slippers curtains memory sticks pens cables telephones even takes the surface of the wallpaper with her front teeth, always somthing in her mouth. Elsa will climb onto chairs or tables to reach what she wants 4 1/2 feet tall she can reach quite far. Yes puppy`s chew but please someone tell me she will grow out of this one day!!!! She is a great little darling, recall 5*, loves being brushed, Knows when it is bed time and just goes. I would like a Christmas tree this year do you think it possible ?

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Hi she's grown so much, Finlay was the same everything we owned seemed to have teeth marks in it and i tried putting things out of his reach, we had a stair gate so we tried to put every thing half way up the stairs but he got at them through the side, but saying that he did grow out of it except the post, so post man put letters in the cuboard outside, but he was ok when we put up christmas tree a odd decoration would go flying off if he was too close and wagging that tail (",)

Ever think of going into the mobile shredding business with Elsa, Angela? !!!

That's so helpful James!! Had the same problem with Micawber now 3.5 years he still likes towels, tea towels, remote if he can find one,plastic containers etc I have learned over the years to keep everything where possible out of his reach sadly run out of space so cupboards are crammed full.. He now opens the cupboards where his treats are usually stored so they are now kept in a wall cupboard can really sympathise on this problem and love the 'innocent' look when they're found out. I have found a deterrent - a fly swat he cannot stand them so whenever he's been pinching things out comes the fly swat and smack it down on the worktop and he runs for cover just in case Mum thinks he's a fly at the same time telling him what ' a bad boy he is' 

Er, just trying to bring a little humour to the situation...and lift your despair, Angela. Fortunately for me, I have no experience of this behaviour with my oldie, who was already five when he came to us, and can offer no help....but plenty of sympathy. 

Elsa is adorable, well manered, very very friendly a real pleasure,IF ONLY. She is not a picky eater loves her walks, but the other day she was in the kitchen and licking the plates in the washing up bowl ( lucky the cheese grater was at the bottom!!!!!!) I went for a bath when I came down I walked on carpet pieces and underlay on four steps. My beautiful log cabin has had the corners chewed ( this is just in wee breaks) But I love her and wouldn`t swop her for the world.

Angela, it's been a long time since I've had a pup (you're frightening me) lol, but there used to be a spray on the market called "Bitter Apple" and you would lightly spray furniture legs etc that tempted your pup and the smell/taste put them off. My daughter is going through the same thing with her blue tick coonhound, just received a call from her in fact, asking to finally borrow a crate!

Think the time frame for x-mas tree is realistic! I had one who was after hardcover books she ate a full library she got the nick name bookworm and the youngest of the bunch soon two years old turned over every waterbowl , and all small things had to hide high on shelves but than suddenly you realise it isn't happening anymore- and they become sleepy coach potatoes- when young the can really be a handful but would never ever use a crate!!!

That girl of yours was well read then, Eva!

Wow. From the looks of the photo, that is a dog with intent.

They do grow out of it and it seemed like one day, it all just stopped. With my guys, no bedding was safe. Relatively speaking, they weren't too bad considering 2 pups together = trouble. From the very beginning, I always made sure they both had acceptable and safe toys to chew on. When everything is being destroyed, it may seem like no end in sight. At 7mo, you may have to wait a bit more. Make sure she gets enough exercise and work her to stimulate her mind. I used and still do, use a crate for quiet time. Good luck.

She will grow out of it...honest!! Good Luck!

She will grow out of it:-) Kasia (15 months) still loves to poke the rubbish:(

I've have already bored everyone with the antics of litter sisters Miss....I'm a tomboy Ruby and Miss....I'm a princess Poppy lol..... I'm very, very lucky I'm still married!!! In all honesty they have chewed, chomped, ripped, pulled, shredded just about anything left in there path and I have used crates, stimulated, ran and drained every bit of energy from there little red bodies lol !!! aaaaaaahhhhhh......I own Setters lol. They have just turned two and ummmm Hmmmmm not much has changed Angela, hang in there they will. As I look out on the day bed at Flame sound asleep with our farm cat ( Hmmm...Levi is suppose to get mice ) I remember all too well the naughty things he did too. But there's something to look forward to, there twighlight years as I don't think there's anything better than sharing that time with a setter. All the best with Elsa she looks lovely.




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