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Hi all,

The hardest few days coming up, 3 weeks ago I found out Sofie`s 1/2 sister is having a litter of pups.As I had been concidering another pup for somtime I phoned up and the breeder had some bookings, mostly for boys and said she would call me when they arrived as I was looking for a girly.Last night I got the phone call 9 bitches and 5 dogs arrived yesturday mum and pups are doing well, so why am I not jumping up and down, working out when they will be ready for their new homes?

Nearly 2 years ago the vet gave Abbie only a few months, and didnt see the piont in giving her her booster her liver was paying the price for 4 years of high medication,among other things like 6 fits in one day 2-3 times a month.TLC, change of diet and change of life style means we still have her now.

In the last week she has gone down hill fast, does not even join us in the family room in the evenings, she loves her brush, cuddles and a treat normaly.She has been so good for our faimily, so I cannt help thinking what gives me the right to make her time left more uncomfortable, and is it fair on the pup not to be able to be crazy when she wants.I am not expecting replys I neaded to write this done and read it. Thanks for your ears.

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So sympathise with you. I know you aren't expecting a response and this is a difficult one. I would say play it by ear. Discuss it with the breeder I am sure she will be helpful......you have 5 weeks in which to weigh up the pros and cons. Puppies are very resilient and you have Sofie who will take her under her wing. Abbie would probably be ok too. Good luck!

Special dogs are once or twice in a lifetime. Litters come and go. I waited w/ my dear old boy. IMHO

I was in the same situation last year when I got my new puppy. My oldest one was 15 and I was worried about how she would cope. The new puppy seemed to know to not jump on her and respected her space and they coped really well.. One of my most treasured pictures is one of them cuddled up together. I know it is a bit silly but I was glad that Tippi got to meet Ellie (her great, great aunt) and I think some of her naughty behaviour she learnt from her!! Personally, it helped me so much when Ellie died to have a youngster to look after and it really helped me through it. It will be a personal decision and I know how hard it is to have a much loved old one to look after.

Today I am very sad! I let my head rule my heart and made the phone call to the breeder that I was hoping to have a puppy from. I decided that the time may not be right to bring a puppy into our family.Abbie may nead even more TLC very soon. Thank you all for your input on this.

I picked up this post just to say, thank you all for your views, I have returned to read these several times.Abbie is very up and down, so I have decided that I can give her TLC as well as have another pup.We 4 shall be 5 in 11 more sleeps <:0) thanks guys

Enjoy the famous five in 11 more sleeps. :-)

Good on you Angela. I bet you will find that Abbie will get new life in her with a youngster around. xxx

Hi Angela bet you cant wait now you have decided, i have wondered about the same thing myself, last december vet said Finlay only had 6weeks left so i couldn't think of getting a puppy, but he's still doing well 8months later, enjoy you new little girl (",)

Oh enjoy Angela.  Thanks for letting us all know about your new addition.  Will be waiting patiently for the pics.  Congratulations.  Abbie will do just great.

Dear friends'

Thank you all for your greetings I am geting very excited now,and know I have made the right decision. Driving my husband crazy with names....... he even put his walkman on last night because he couldnt hear the tv.!! I love the puppy stage, but he doesnt get excited until they put their 1st pheasant up then everyone knows about it .As for names at the moment it maybe Toffee, I looked at a picture of the litter age 2 days they looked like chewed up toffee, but then everyone says I have a very strange sense of humour. Keeping busy makes time pass quicker, and less to do when pup arrives = MORE PLAYTIME <:0) (9 more sleeps)

I think I know which litter this is....if they are the ones I am thinking then go for it....well reared and loved babies are always the ones to to for..as far as your others are concerned, your oldie will give it a look...and that will be enough, the puppy will respect this and most likely leave her alone, my old lady (who I lost last year) had liver problems and my youngster used to just leave her alone...except to clean her face, when she agreed to it....they do seem to know. And the puppy can go 'crazy' at other times...they do seem to find their own level...I too am getting a new puppy soon, and I have had all of the same thoughts...will it upset my 'now' old lady, although she is only 7, will my 'baby' mug the puppy all the time, and not leave it alone...all these things must be thought of but in the end, they will find their own place in the 'pack' and will respond 'correctly' to their new family...and personally I swear by a cage...it is a must when you have young and old in the same house...the puppy needs 'time out' and that is where IT should go..I always say of my babies they are lower than snakes bellies in the pecking order.....and that is where they should be....well that's the theory....lol good luck with your decision....

Mine will be called Cia....pronounced Zia it means Summer time...(not sure what language but as she was born just before Midsummer's day I thought it was apt...)

Thanks Dee some very good points in your reply.Do you have to travel far to collect your pup ? I dont ! is this a clue to confirm what you thought. I have never liked the idea of a cage, my dogs have full run of the house and garden from the start. I know it may be different with interducing a third irish but I do have a small room/ passage way 4metres by 2 meteres which I may use for a while to start with, play it by ear.I wish you every good luck and happiness with your new member of the family.ENJOY I know I shall <:0) Look forward to seeing your picture.




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