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My oldest setter Icko is sick , he has a hernia in is back of the neck and he is coughing..

He has to be fit at monday for an small surgery , he has a little tumour behind his ear..

Nothing to worry about ,but when he scratches his ear and hits the hematoma it starts to bleed..

I made a appointment this morning with the veterinarian ,at 11.15 o'clock we are welkom..


Strange actually , its always Icko who has a illness or injury ..

While Thomas is the most wild ,he can, during running in the forrest, hit a tree so hard that i think he is never gonna get up agian.

But he shake his head en run's again like nothing happend..

He's never ill , and when he stepped in glass and had a big cut in his pow i saw it because of the blood on the ground ..he didn't even limp ...

Yes they are two different setters, each with his own charm...



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I am very sorry to hear that Icko is sick. I hope very much that Icko will be well enough for his surgery and that all his ailments will be resolved very quickly. Yes, each one of our Setters has their own charm. Best of luck and please give Icko some gentle hugs from me.
So sorry to hear your boy is sick hope he makes a full recovery soon
Good luck for Monday and I hope your little man makes a rapid recovery :)
I wish him well and hopes he recovers soon.
  • I'm a bit anxious now ...
  • Icko wil not eat anything i try to feed him .
  • When i take him for a walk ,he never leave my side and only go's so far to do his dropings and then he wants to go home..
  • He remains all day in his dog bed and sleeps..
  • If he is not better tomorrow , de vet wil take a photo of his chest..
  • I hope that he's just a wimp and he has only a cold or something...


Good luck for Monday Frans.  It is such a worry when one of our pups are sick.  Please let us know how he's doing.

This morning Icko seems to be on the better hand ..

i went tot the forrest with my boy's because Thomas was almost exploding from energie..

He was so restless and agitated, he had to loose some energie with running ..

As i opend my car he was like a bullet so fast, while Icko walked like an old dog ..

During my walk i met some friends ,and they feed Icko some dog biscuits...

I was so happy to see that he eat it..you can't imagine...

I was so smart to take some food of him with me , but he did not want it from me ..

But when i asked my friends to handfeed him he accepted it ..not much but its a start ..

Later at home he accepted some food from me to ..just a hand full but i am pleased because i have very big hands ..

Hopefully it maintain's this progress of getting better...


so sorry to hear about your boy Icko, I hope all goes well on monday.....I know how upsetting it is when you see them looking so sad and unable to tell you why, hope he makes a rapid recovery, thinking of you xx

It is really going better with Icko ..

The problem was that he became alergic for his medicine..

Now with other medication he is doing fine ..

I am so happy ..Thank you all for your commends..it really is nice to know that people care...



so pleased that Icko is improving, must be a huge relief for you!! Hope he continues and is soon his old self again xx

I am so happy en the wether is so wonderfull that i made a photoshoot this morning ..

Here some of the best pictures


Just read this blog and I am really very sorry to hear about Icko and I really hope it is almost a memory now... get well beautiful boy, cuddles from me  :-)




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