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Has anyone any suggestions for indistructable toys for Saffy our Irish  who has just passed 12 months?


We have had doggie chew ropes which have been disintegrated in a few dsys, tennis balls are stripped of their covering (and eaten if we don't get them off her in time!!)

Squeaky toys, Doggie teddies etc., Rubber Rings, Rubber Bones, have all gone the same way, they never last more than a week!!!  She has a Kong, but hey! she's an Irish Setter and it's far too much trouble to fiddle and try and get titbits out, so she expects us to do it for her!!!!

Nyla Bones last but she gets fed up with them very quickly.


She likes to play and we need to find something suitable for her as she needs to be kept occupied..  She has destroyed the garden, digging holes in the lawn and chewing plants so any suggestions please !!

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If I was younger yes I agree but being the wrong side of 65 don't think I'd survive! LOL!!

we used to have 3 but that was over 10 years ago!

Thanks folks for the suggestions, at least one I shall follow up on, Sorry Ossian, not yours LOL!!
my youngest was exactly the same golf balls are the only things that worked for her shes 21 months and hasnt got through one yet
I think golf balls are dangerous as they are too easily swallowed.If my dogs find one ,when out, I am mean and take it off them.
I posted a similar topic http://irishsetters.ning.com/forum/topics/indestructible-soft-toys-for but we have had success with two different Kongs ...... One is a bone that you can stuff with little pieces of treats its red and wow that works - less treats and more work to get them the other is a red rubber thing with blue material at either end has a squeak and we have had them over a month - this is progress!
ruby is always supervised whilst playing with her golf balls and has never had any problems she doesnt chew them beleive it or not she throws them about and rolls them and chases them

My dogs love a kong stuffed with something tasty. 

Sounds like she has loads of toys, but they are not a substitute for owner interaction and plenty of exercise.  Destructive dogs are usually bored dogs and no amount of toys will compensate for lack of mental and physical stimulation.

How much exercise does she get daily and do you invent interesting games to work her mind as well as her body?

Yes she quite likes her Kong and we bought a gonut, Thanks Karen for that suggestion.  She gets plenty of exercise, just going through a naughty stage we reckon, in other words being a typical IS!!!  Think our previous 4 IS's lulled us into a false sense of security! LOL!  Had the breed for about 30 years and love them to bits!

I can whole-heartedly recommend the


Fat Cat Inc Incredible Strapping Yankers Fish Dog Toy 



After 3 weeks of continuous chewing, yanking, slapping and chucking about the thing is still as it was when I bought it (if a little more dirty but I'm convinced a full spin in my washing machine will be a walk in the park by comparison).


It has a very gentle squeek, too, so is easy on your (!) ears. 


not sure where you are but if not in Aus. may be worth getting some of these toys set over.

check out the site they are fatastic." Aussie Dog Products "guaranteed for years they also make toys for zoo animals.

cheers Rosie

Thanks, we are in UK but have contacts in Oz, so may follow that up
Micawber at 20 months is still chewing anything he can get his teeth into including the morning newspaper which he takes off the table and walks to the office at the end of the garden, Andrew is so pleased to have his paper in 10 smaller pieces. I spent 2 hrs sewing together all the soft toys last week so he can have another go. Tennis balls and a hard rubber ball stand the test of time although he likes to drop the tennis balls in the pond so Andrew can fish them out and promptly drops them back in again. He's an IS so should I expect anything less, just LOVE him !!




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