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can you help me with information as to what is neccessary for the Belgian Champion - a friend of mine would like to know and we could not find anything.

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i could not find any information either :-( wonder if there will be a new abreviation for the title without working certificate? or will it be the same title, just two possible ways to achieve it?
btw, the hungarian field trials are also with CACT.
Blame me, I think I got the infos from Norwegian Kennel Klub member, who have been very worried about it. But I forgot where to find them. As far as I remember it is:
Int.Ch.B. (Int.Champ. Beaute/ Int.Champ of Beauty;-) = still the old title, needs a price on an official (now CAC called) trial, which has its rules registered by FCI
Int.Sh.Ch. (Int.Show Champ) = new title for working dogs, but achievable without working merits.

NOW...as vice versa we have the Int.Ch.Tr. (int.Champ. de Travail/Int.Working Champ), where a dogs needs at least a VG from an international show. I wonder if FCI will now create another title for those dogs who fail to get a VG on show, but gave all tickets for Int.Ch.Tr......As we have show titles without working, maybe working titles without show will be interesting as well ???
O.K. before those who don't know me closer, take this serious...IT IS NOT !!! To me it is horror scenario to separate those different pillars of the breed.
It is confusing, all these different rules depending on the country... But of course it is every country's right to make their own regulations for their own national title. When it comes to the FCI International Title all must follow the FCI regulations.
In Switzerland it is the breed club who can decide on the qualifications needed for the national title, not the kennel club.




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