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A good friend of mine (from Tulsa, OK) is going to Krasnoyarsk next month with her husband on business.  While he is in some meetings in which she is not to be included, we thought it would be fun for her to seek out anyone there who has, or breeds, or shows, Irish Setters.


She speaks very little (and I mean VERY LITTLE) Russian - mostly just the pleasantries!  But if you'd like to show off your dogs, she'd love to see them!


She'll be in Krasnoyarsk from May 10 thru the 15th.  After that she will then have a couple of days each in Moscow and St. Petersburg, too.


So if any of you want to "meet and greet" in person a very nice American breeder, just let me know and we'll figure out how we can get you together!


Londa Warren, Edmond, OK - contact me through my website:  www.IrishSettersAfield.com.

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Thanks, Gennadi. I'll pass the info to Anna and hopefully she'll be able to find it!

Now THAT is right up my alley! Too bad I'm not going with them to Russia!

Although Anna is a show-dog person, she is becoming more and more interested in field activities - if she is still in the country around the 21st, perhaps she will have a chance to attend the trial.

Some dogs from my kennel live in Krasnoyarsk city. I can give you my owner's tel. number to contact them :)
you can also contact me by +79164819534, www.setters.ru




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