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I hope she is found very soon :-(


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I do hope she is found soon, I feel quite cold reading this.How could anyone do this.My thoughts are with the family, I have everything crossed

Just seen on the dog lost site the lovely Abbey is safe and well and back home (",)

I hope they find her soon,hopefully a lively setter will prove too much for the thieves.

I will never leave mine unattended after a near miss some years ago.

By the way I don't think vet's are allowed to inform an owner if the dog is bought in by someone claiming it is theirs,even if the dog has been stolen.Maybe someone can confirm this?

They might not have a duty to inform Howard, but I know it has happened.  A local dog went missing about 6 years ago, and was re-united with its owner last year, after a vet questioned the microchip details and called the person the dog was registered to.   I just hope Abbey and Monika are re-united very very soon. The more people get to know about this the chances are she will become too hot to handle and the thief will soon give her up.  It becomes more difficult though if the travelers get hold of them, because they are then so much easier to hide.

I agree Finn. Likewise my guys are under lock and key, They have already been admired by some travelers who were working in the area, and now a whippet is missing in this area, taken by some men of the same description, right down to the truck they had :-(

I was stopped by some tinkers ,we seem to be plagued by them at times,asking me to sell Arthur to them,they followed me after I said ' no' so I took a long diversion and lost them eventually .But it's a worry.

Locally there have been dogs stolen from gardens and,when their bodies are found, they have been used by dogs training to be fighters.A horrible 'sport'and a tragic and painful end for the stolen dogs.The Police seem unable to catch them.

With regard to the chips,I hope vets will carry on and disregard the law.However,how often would a vet bother to scan a dog that's new to his surgery?If he did he would have to check with the  registering body that the dog was in the wrong hands and I don't think most vets would bother as they would need a strong reason to disbelieve the 'owner'.

This is very sad to read, here in Australia the main thing I've heard happening is much adored pets are taken and then they wait to have a reward posted and ring to claim the money:((( horrible, horrible people. Yes, I too don't leave them at shops but it's cold comfort at the moment for these poor people. You and your Irish are in my thoughts and prayers. Take care.

I am really so sorry to read this blog and I hope Abbey will be re-united with her owners very soon. 

I do however wish people would not leave dogs tied up outside shops for even the shortest time.  You wouldn't leave your handbag tied outside for fear of theft so why leave your dog.

I do hope Abbey is home with her family very soon!! 

oh no, again.... just a couple of weeks before xtsmas two dogs have been stolen from a car , parked outside a pub/garden center, in surrey, in daytime..... this is scaring :( I hope abbey will be back very soon .............

I have left my dogs outside a local shop while I pop in to get a paper. NO MORE. I have printed up some leaflet with the link http://www.doglost.co.uk/dog_blog.php?dogId=46865

When I see a dog outside a shop, I am going to give the owner a leaflet, if this saves one dog from going missing then I shall except the abuse I may get, knowing it is all worth while.

Good idea Angela. Dog theft is now the most increasing crime in the UK.  In this area dogs have been taken from shops, and from gardens. It is very worrying.  Have a look on the home page of doglost to see how many go missing on a daily basis. Not all of them are stolen, some have wandered off, some escape, but a fair few of them have indeed been stolen :-(




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