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I hope she is found very soon :-(


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So Sorry to read about Abbey i do hope she is found soon, hope the couple who took her feel guilty and do the right thing, my ex once tied my first boy up outside a shop all i can say is he never did it again by the time i had finnished having a go at him for doing it.

OMG, I hope she is found soon, poor dog.

Monica has posted on Facebook that she's been re-united with Abbey - some people took her home and cared for her because they thought she was lost. A happy ending!

So happy for Monika and Abbey! I was as worried as if she was mine.....I hope the thieves get investigated though....not sure about their story? !

Have just arrived home to discover that Abbey and Monika have now been re-united.  What a relief :-)  and well done to Sandy Waterton for helping this  to happen :-D

That is truly fantastic news!

Wonderful ending.

The story is that the people who took her from the shop believed she was sitting outside the shop lost and even reported her as such.  As per usual it would appear, the report of a 'missing dog' and another report of a 'found dog' did not connect up.  I say "as per usual" because this is more or less the same scenario as to what happened with a friends dog approx 18 months ago.  If this is the case, I would also like to add that it probably would have helped if the dog was wearing correct ID on the collar. The law actually states that you have to have your sir name, your address (or part of) plus a telephone number on your dogs collar when in a public place. I go a step further and have two numbers on my dogs tags, my home number and a mobile number. That way, if they are picked up as being 'lost' the finder can make contact with me very quickly.  In my friends case, this would have spared 24 hours of sheer hell had Alfie had the correct ID.  Did she learn from this? nope  AND a few months ago, he was picked up again "looking lost" and after a further 24 hours of sheer hell, my friend has finally learned, and he now goes for a walk wearing a collar with the correct ID attached.

That's so wonderful to hear :))

I am so pleased that Abbey is found.I am glad somene was responsible and caring enough to bother to look after her

YAY!!!!!! Briliant news so very pleased. I to have 2 mobile numbers on my dogs disc`s because if they were missing I would not be at home, but out looking for them :) :) :)

So glad that Abbey is home safe and well!!  Best news this week.





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