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I am thinking of selling my limited eddition picture of Two Irish Setters by Fredrick Haycock, does anybody have any idea what they are selling for now? Thanks

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Work by Fredrick Haycock varies but I have seen a print of two irish setters by him called 'Teamwork' and it is selling for around £135. 

With limited edition prints, price often depends if yours was one of the first printed and has a low number on it.


A photo of the print would be nice to see?;o))



I guess it really depends on the print and on the value of the limited edition! Best, Silvia

Thanks for the link Silvia, but I didnt see a setter print by Haycock there? Lots of other beautiful prints though;o))
no, in fact! I dont know if the price vary so much when there is an IS - it should , we know  (sorry, I am jocking here, bit really I am not an expert;)

btw: I understand teamwork is the most popular and goes on sale around 100£ (even more if mounted):




good luck:)

I have a photo of it in my pictures it is DSC_0437 you can see the limited edition on the print, Thanks


Thanks Lynn, I have the same one as you, No 14l/350, nice to know it is the one worth more money, thanks, regards Linda.




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