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I was going to order some Plush Puppy products but as the amount came to £65.00 for 4 items, I decided to wait and ask your opinion.  Is it worth the money and is there anything from the range that you could not live without, or is there something else on the market that will achieve the same result for half the price?  

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I use the plush puppy shampoo and conditioner, and I have got the shine and comb. I find them very good. They don't have any perfume as such, and very economical to use. They are expensive, and its easy to get carried away o their site. Oh yes, I also got the Swish stuff - cant remember the proper name, but its supposed to make the feathers swish. As Bess hasn't got much feather yet I can't say whether that works or not!

I'm sure you can get the same results from cheaper shampoos, but I do like these products. Bess has had three baths with them and the shampoo and conditioner bottles are still very full. And that includes bathing after getting in river mud up to her chest!

I was thinking about the sea breeze oil and the blow drying cremes rather than the shampoos and conditioners.  Rigsby's coat has a tendency to kink over the shoulders and at the base of the tail so it was to keep it under control for the show ring.  I use the Groomers EPO range of shampoos and conditioners that suit him very well.  It  leaves his coat lovely and shiny although it is a bit fly-away.  I need something to keep the static down.

Hi Lesley,

                Yes, it is worth the money, and the two products that i use and would not be without are the OMG grooming spray and the sea breeze oil spray. The former is a fantastic cleaner and disentangler, and the latter a superb conditioner. The key is to use them at the correct dilution in the spray bottles to achieve the best results. I bought the large concentrated refills at the same time, and they have lasted me for some years now and are still not done. So,yes, the initial outlay is expensive, but when you see the results and how long the product lasts, it is definately worth it. I do not use anything else, so am unable to advise as far as alternatives are concerned. It is a good example of you get what you pay for.... in terms of quality!

According to their website, this is what you need!


Irish Setter


All Purpose Shampoo with Henna

Silk Protein Conditioner

Pixie Dust

Puffy Dog

Reviva Coat

Shine and Comb

Seabreeze Oil

Swishy Coat

Wonder Wash

Powder Puff Regular

Pin Cushion Brush


Conditioning Shampoo with Evening Primrose

Deep Cleansing Shampoo

Blow Dry Cream

Protein Coat Balm

Coat Rescue

Odour Muncher

Volumising Cream

Metro Anti Static Brush

I keep thinking about the Pixie Dust!  :0)  How much do you reckon that little lot would set you back? 

Plush Puppy is very good, I use  OMG  after walks ,helps  when removing twigs,sticky buds and anything else my girls pick up


I also use the Swish coat ,as Grainne has a very heavy wavy coat,,

,travelling to shows she also wears a  Drycoat, to help maintain a  sleeker  coat

Thanks everyone, that's helped a lot.  I think the credit card is in for a bashing or my Christmas wish list is going to very unusual this year.

I also need a coat to keep him clean after the bath and on the way to a show. Is Drycoat a product or the company?  

I've also need to invest in some good quality thinning shears/scissors and I'm hoping that there will be a trade stand at the  Coventry show.

I've ordered a Drycoat and some Plush Puppy stuff so I'm just waiting for it to arrive.  I'd like to also get a coat to keep him clean on the way to the show, hopefully one that allows him to pee without getting his feathers mucky.   

OMG I cant believe the price of all of that....I make my own cost next to nothing has no chemicals added keeps fleas and ticks at bay...my dogs coats gleam and they smell lovely no dry skin had many a comment...they have never had conditioner on them....dont think I could afford to show even if wanted...lol......I did not add it all up but did google just to have a peek.....

Hi Lesley, how are you getting on with Rigsby? His sister Tippi has been doing really well, she is such a lovely girl, I can't believe they are a year and a half already!! I use Plush Puppy products all of the time. I find the conditioner excellent for getting her coat lovely and shiny and it makes getting any tangles out really easy. I also use the sea breeze oil between shows to make grooming her easier. She had a really long coat (I am very lucky!) and I could not do without the oil as she loves to swin and run through hedges and get covered in burrs! The shampoos and conditioners can be diluted so last for months, even though I bath her most weeks.
Are you going to any shows we will see you at??
OMG..... I never knew there was so much available for my Red Kids, I guess here in australia there just isn't as many setters :(( I'll try some of the products suggested as my poor boys coat is pretty much all gone since he's GDV surgery, I'll have a chance to start again Dianne and Red Kids.

Well, it's arrived!  We've got a Companion Show tomorrow so I'll get my first chance to try it out this afternoon, and then we'll see if it's worth it.  The one item I did want, I forgot to order.  Oh well!

How did the Plush Puppy perform?? 




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