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Is something seriously wrong with my dog Riley?

As most of you know, Riley has been the naughtiest Irish Setter in the whole world from birth.

Over the last few weeks he has been acting very strange and we are a bit scared. When we tell him to stop doing naughty things, he stops. When he is up at the table or worktops and we tell him to get down, he does. We can even sit at the kitchen table and eat our dinner without him jumping up and stealing our food even if it is before he has had his dinner.

What is going on with him and how did this happen.

Have any of you Setter owners experienced this strange behaviour in any of the dogs you own?

He seems to be changing into an obedient dog, well almost. (Or at least getting much better).

What should we do about his strange behaviour?

Have you heard of this happening with any other dog before?

Any help or advice you can offer will be welcome.


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Thank you for putting my mind at rest. I feel better knowing that another person has experienced this.

I thought this was something unique. I also wonder where "that other appropriate name" has gone. I do not expect this behaviour to last, but I can hope.

Enjoy it and lots of praise for Riley for doing what Dad would like him to do. Good boy Riley.


Thank you Rhonda. We will enjoy it while it lasts.

Ahhhh how well I know this little game Irish love to play.....lull you into WOW we have the perfect Irish Setter and then they pull another stunt or game out of their bag of tricks!  It's exactly the reason I keep coming back for more Irish Setter's in my life!  Enjoy all the funny games Riley will teach you ....and don't think too hard on his reasons for doing them.

Fingers crossed.

Hi Andy, it is a natural occurance in IS puppies (particularly boys) because it takes this long for their brain cell to develope and warm up. I blame the parents.

Of course, its always the parents fault just like in humans.

Hi Nardi will send you a long email as soon as I can and it probably is all down to the parents at the end of the day

Look forward to hearing from you.  I agree parents have a monumental effect on their offspring whether it is genetics and/or learnt behaviour.

I will keep you updated Nardi.

Thanks for that Eva bit like the male of the human race. Micawber now 2.5 years obviously still hasn't developed all of his brain cells perfect in obedience classes shows off to perfection, at home it's'a different story. Work tops, shoes, newspapers, chasing the ducks on the pond and yesterday Andrew was doing some work in the office left his 'captains chair' for 2 mins turned round and Micawber is sitting on the chair leaning over the desk. Where was the camera when needed? Good luck Andy don't turn your back for too long

Hi Eva. We are not sure if he was fitted with the brain cell!

It's quite strange when he is doing something wrong and we tell him to stop, he does. This behaviour is not normal for Riley but we will enjoy it while it lasts.




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