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Own up 'guys' how many of you are natural 'Redheads' without any additional enhancememts - they say owners look like their dogs or vice versa, my Mother always used to say when I was rolling around with my Irish Setters that we looked like a load of Urangutangs.

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Haha, I am brunette with natural red tints and curly/straggly hair. My husband is always remarking on how alike I am to our setter Reuben . Apparently we even speak the same and same funny sleepy stetchy noises upon waking!

i just dyed my hair today it was supposed to be brown but for some reason has turned out the same as my two is my daughter says we were like triplets on our walk today lol


Almost completely grey now, like my Rua;o))))) Never any red though, was dark brunette (natural) until the grey!!

I am grey also Sue, but the dogs are not


I have ALWAYS wanted hair the colour of my irish boys and although I confess to dying it, it isn't quite that colour!! I often look at people with their dogs and smile at the similarities you can see and then wonder what they see when they look at us!! I definately think my husband has the setter temperment so always console myself that HE's the one who looks like the dogs lol!!!
I have been tempted many times to add a couple of streaks of red......those that have gone the whole way look super...maybe one day...;-)))
I have tri colour which of course has to include a bit of red!
My hair is naturally red also. Few greys but mostly red. I pull the grey ones out!!
Hi Eunice, hope you don't pull out too many greys just in case you get 2 where the last one came out.
thought of that but I will hopefully not have too many. I sometimes sit at the traffic lights and pull them. Bad habit. it is funny how many IS owners have red hair though.
I have red highlights...used to be natural but afraid now to see what is left of natural!  Always thought of matching my boys but their red was wee bit too dark for me so kept the highlights.  Eunice ....don't pull those out...just highlight them .  I am afraid if I pulled out the greys I might not have any to pull! :)
I can't remember the last time I saw my natural hair colour but I have a vague memory of being a brunette with red tints, like Louise. I have been through every make of hair colour and every shade of red from copper to dark auburn. Now I am blonde to hide the grey!!!!




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