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Own up 'guys' how many of you are natural 'Redheads' without any additional enhancememts - they say owners look like their dogs or vice versa, my Mother always used to say when I was rolling around with my Irish Setters that we looked like a load of Urangutangs.

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Well, I am a natural red head.... when I was young it was much brighter... My Grand-dad used to call me Carrot Top!!!  It's a bit darker now with some of the odd white hairs and very wavy, though.
I have noticed that a lot of people with Irish Setters have red hair.My wife is a natual red head (but needs help now!)and I had a red beard(now grey!).My eldest son is a real 'carrot top',he has lurchers with not one red hair between them.

Hi Cheryl

Just going through some of the forum conversations. What I think is funny is sometimes when we speak through this site I often wonder what the owner looks like and I did not picture you with red hair. When I was younger it was curly and a real pain. For years I have gone to a haridressers in the city who perms my hair on large rollers and although it is still curly not frezzey. There is some useless information for you. Molly is fine!!

I'm a pretender. Of non-descript mongrel colour by birth I have been every shade of red (and black and sometimes both) since age 15. My hair colour does not look anything like Errol's and still people tell us we have "matching hair". Hrrrumpf.
I think men have a problem with colours red is red and black is black etc, etc!! Interesting though what other breeds would 'redheads' go for?
I've always wanted to be IS red but have never found quite the right colour - any suggestions?
Harmony Chestnut .........if you can get it.

Not yet!

My wife uses it and it is a good match to her own natural colour and that of the dogs.

When I do my Santa Claus for the local playgroup and schools I don't have to wear an artificial beard or colour my hair.There are some advantages to ageing!On this photo I was not so grey as I am now so my eyebrows,beard and hair had a little help.

Wow....! know where to come if we're short of a father & Mummy Christmas
I am Santa! Throughout the year children call me that and most of them know me from the dogs or from the schools where I am Santa.Of course the beard and hair are always there.Some local kids have worked out that the setters turn into reindeer at Christmas.I didn't disilluson them!
Love it!
Not quite red... My mum's hair was very very dark and when she started going grey it matched Spartan, my Blue Belton Tri colours top coat perfectly!




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