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Just wanted to share what happened today. In Australia we have some very dangerous snakes spiders etc. This morning one of those snakes visited us. I looked our the glass door and there was my big ginger cat playing with it. Molly our setter thought she would help. I got Molly away but as I am really frightened of snakes not so good with the cat. Luckly it all ended up o.k.but just had to share. We live in Sydney but in a bushy area. Our weather has been such that they seem to be in the surburbs more this year. It means that Molly will have to be kept in side more. If bitten death is very quick.

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Thank you for sharing the snake warning. We live near Perth, WA, and I am terrified of these snakes. We have them on the beach, in the dunes, and they look like sticks. They don't move, and the dogs are curious and want to play with them.


We don't go near a bushy area in summer, but as you live near a bush, it's really hard. There you go - thinking suburbia is a safe place to be...

thats worse than here. Thanks for sharing... I just hate them so much, we have ticks 365 days of the year but you can do something about them

Goodness, I always think how lovely it would be to emigrate to Australia, having that lovely weather and wide open spaces, friendly people...what a lovely place to live.  But, I have to say, I'm scared of spiders and birds so I don't think I would cope very well out there.

I hope everyone stays safe from the wildlife x

we live near the beach and there is bush. Australia is great. I just hate snakes so much. Birds are fine. It just stressed me seeing the dog and cat like that. Anyway all well now.

Hi Eunice

We have lived on 5 acres in the Gold Coast Hinterland surrounded by bushland for 14 years. Despite the work, I mow the 5 acres to keep the grass short to keep snakes away, not only to protect my dogs, to protect my horses. At these times of the year I do not allow my Setters to run off-leash on our property in case a snake might be wandering through but wherever we go, I am always on the look-out for snakes. I know the local snake catcher and apparently because of the development, the snakes are moving east and Eastern browns are breeding extensively. I do not take my Setters to the off-leash beach park at Southport Spit now because twice, Hobson went very close to meeting an Eastern brown on the water's edge. I agree with you .. snakes and ticks are a constant problem in Australia.


sends my blood cold. At least this one was just a red bellied black snake. You must be near Mt Tamborine area? Anyway I have just deleted all my settings from my IPHONE so best look at that!!!

Hi Eunice

The red bellied black snake is a highly venomous snake, so please be careful with you and the dogs & cats!  The yellow belly black snake is the non venomous one (a tree snake).

Keep safe everyone. 

cheers, Cheryl

thats what I thought. The person at WIRES said  'throw a washing basket over the cat'. I thought so many holes for the snake to crawl through and the cat can't go anywhere. Luckly the cat came inside I got some food to get him in. Again living in Australia we have to deal with these things. I spend a fortune on tick control but it is worth it.

Hi All,

we have had some terrible things with snakes here. Once again the cat was involved, trying to catch a brown snake and sending it towards the dog yard. My son picked up the spade and tried to get rid of it but it got away.

Also my vet has imported a new breed and yesterday found her import bitch dead next to a dead brown snake. They had got a litter from the bitch but are still pretty devastated by her loss. They feel so bad that it happened so fast and they didn't even have a chance to save her.

Hi Carmel... that is awful. Just to let you know all well here. Molly has grown into a darling. Training starts again in a few weeks.

Hi Eunice,

good to hear all is well with Molly. She looks lovely in the photos. Good luck with training!

We start back at the shows next weekend. Annabelle is nearly halfway to her show title. Still hasn't had a season though.

Molly had one just before Xmas I think November... it was full on I put her in the usual kennels during the time. They thought she had one in August but I don't think so that was while we o/s and she was at the kennels. I am so happy with her.




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