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My fiance and I want to get another kitten as company for our other cat.  Just wondering what other people's experiences are of introducing a kitten to a setter...are they okay?  He was fine with my cat and the cat most certainly rules the roost!  My other setter Eva was very good with my cat when she was a kitten and didn't try to chase or bother her, but Eva was naturally quiet which we subsequently learnt was due to her illness.

Any experiences would be much appreciated!

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Absolutely no problem at all in this home! We have always had cats as well as setters.A new kitten seems just to be accepted by the dogs as a new puppy is by the cats.We had one dog that was very curious and wouldn't leave the kitten alone but the kitten,at 6 weeks old,just bopped the dog on his nose with her unsheathed paw.He never bothered her again!

As I write ,Arthur is sprawled in front of the fire with a cat lying round his head.Many times he licks the cat and she will wash him in return.

My best advice is to be there ,initially,but don't interfere and let the dog investigate the kitten .Meal times should be seperate for both of them.

I hope all goes well.

Hi Nicky it should not be a problem have a look at my photos the dog with the cat lying on it was 7 or 8 y/o when we got the cat he barked at it for quite a while, then best friends

To be honest I would be more concerned about your cat accepting the newcomer, especially if you are trying to introduce a kitten. The more advanced in age the resident cat the more of a risk you are taking here. I’ve heard of people who had to rehome their kitten because the oldie would simply not accept the ‘intruder’ and make its life hell!

There is often the assumption that a cat needs a mate, either because one cat has died or because of the assumption that a single cat is lonely or bored. Cats are solitary animals. I’m not saying don’t do it – just be aware that it might not work out. Also should the cats start fighting the dog might get a bit too excited so this needs careful monitoring.



Kater (Oriental cross-breed 20 yrs+)

Errol (Irish 18 months)

haha, I know about this one - I've got three cats but luckily they are all quite tolerant.  We had to foster a year old cat when its owners moved to Egypt and my cats were find; she on the other hand was evil incarnate!!
Hi Nicky, you will have no worries just do the introduction slowly and calmly. I recently introduced a 12 week old British Short Hair kitten into the family. He had to get to know 8 Irish, 2 Gordons and 1 english. After his initial hissing at them and them looking back at him as if to say 'what is wrong with you" they all get along great. 




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