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Murfee is a beautiful 15 month old setter he is on a natural raw food diet and has a beautiful shiny coat.  However we have noticed that he is quite lethargic particularly a.m. and we have to drag him out for a walk particularly when going in car while we are out he's fine and running about but tired after a walk (usually an hour).  He's been prescribed Sulphur to take for a couple of days (not yet received).  Maybe he's just a very laid back dog but I'm not sure.  Has anybody had any experience of this happening with their setter/s.  Or has anybody got any advice to pass on?

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Has Murfee always been like this or has he changed recently?

Is he happy and playful at home?

My own dogs are happy and tired after their routine one hour gallop in the fields, perhaps Murfee is quite satisfied with the same.  Not all Setters need endless exercise for them to be chilled.

I noticed you said "you have to drag him out for a walk particularly when going in the car"...perhaps this behaviour has psychological undertones.  If your vet has given him a clear bill of health then it is more than likely.

I personally would not force him to get in the car until you can find the reason for his behaviour.

Yes he's always been a bit  like this and when he's out sometimes he has a rest.  I will get him checked over just in case because I was thinking it was thyroid too like Christine.  I think I'm concerned because I'm comparing Murfee with my other setter who would tear around the house as soon as you mentioned a walk he definitely doesn't like the car although he's been on some long journeys for holidays.  Thanks for everybody's comments

Hi Teresa I think we all worry when our ISs appear a little lethargic could be he is just growing up. The other thought is does he have breakfast and how many times a day do you feed him. Our 2 boys are always asleep in the morning after their breakfast and they come alive about 2pm knowing it's walkies time at about 4pm. Just a thought and hope it might help.

At least we know that morning time is 'safe' time because late afternoon into early evening Micawber comes alive in all his glory, towels on the lawn, plastice containers are pinched and last night he managed to completely destroy the remote - just love the quiet mornings!!

Hi Teresa.....I have an irish boy who sounds very similar to Murfee...he is just NOT a morning person!! You can almost see him squinting at you when you come in and saying, no....not morning yet pleeeasee. He WILL get up and eat breakfast and he is keen to go out and is fine on his walk and now we have the puppy he gets no peace anyway and he loves playing with George..I did wonder if he had thyroid problems as he was very lethargic but I think he is just a different character!! I did get him looked over at the vets just in case but no, he's fine...just a little lazy perhaps lol!!

I agree wiyh Lois enjoy the quite mornings, Finlay is awake and trying to pull quilt off me about 7am wanting to go for a walk, if i open the curtains and let him look out i can usually have extra 30 minutes, i've not had  a lie in since i got him even after his walk he still wants me to play in garden with him, he's on the go most of the day, but a least he's calmer in the evenings, well most evenings (",)

Whilst two of mine are definitely not morning dogs, if you are having to drag him out for a walk, then I would be straight down the vets. That just doesn't sound right. Even with my two who are not morning dogs, as soon as I start getting ready to go out, they are up like shots and raring to go.

Hi Teresa,

I think it is best you get Murfee given a full vet's check up even if just to ease your mind. You may also ask his breeder or the stud dog owner about the typical temperament of his relatives. Of course each dog is an individual and he could just be the lazy one in the family... ;-)

On the other hand as others have said here he may have a health problem you are unaware of and only a thorough vet check will tell you more. As you mention the car you may also consider having his hips scored as any pain from hind quarters or from his back back could affect Murfee's inclination to jump into the car - especially when getting up after resting.

Our Bramble who is now 12 1/2 years old was always slow when compared to the rest of our setters. We had her checked for thyroid and it was in the low range but apart from that she had no health issues and now in old age she still keeps going. "Never overdo it" seems to be her motto and it has got her this far! ;-) 

Just a thought, has he had his vaccine booster recently, I have know dogs with a reaction to the vaccine to behave like this and they had a temperature.

Hi all thanks for all of your advice I will take Murfee to the vet just in case with regard to the vaccination now you've mentioned it he did have a reaction after it, he was panting alot this stopped the following day but still lethargic but as i said before he has never been a high energy dog. I didn't take him to the vet because he didn't have a temperature and I know my other dog used to have a reaction to vaccinations so thought it was normal  When he was a puppy i mentioned the lethargy (ie resting when out on a walk) to the vet but he checked him over though no blood tests or anything just an examination and he didn't seem to think there was anything to worry about but i must admit that my other setter, Paddy never rested when  he was out but then he was quite hyper and a humper too!  I'm also waiting for a homeopathic remedy, sulphur, I phoned Ainsworths homeopathic chemist described his symptoms and they recommended this so I'll give it a go he actually said this remedy is good for setters apparently because of their temperament..Thanks again i'll let you know how he gets on

Hawk has always been a late sleeper, as a puppy I would have to wake him up for breakfast, but he is very active during the day.  If I have a dog who is lethargic I would have blood work done and sent to Dr Dodds, at Hemopet or at least email the results to her.  She is wonderful and will respond to all question sent to her also.

Just come back from the vets he's taken a blood sample and said that his lymph glands are up results will be back tomorrow he said that Murfee may need to go and see a specialist  if anything found.  He said that being lethargic and resting on his walks is not normal behaviour for a dog.  I'm really worried now I suppose I've known all along that something wasn't right with Murfee anyway I'll let you know results tomorrow thanks again for all the advice.  By the way since taking the sulphur he seems a bit better in himself.  

Oh Teresa, I do hope Murph is going to be ok.  Please keep us updated.




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