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I think it may be time. Lucy, 14, has breast cancer. The lump is fairly large and has numerous openings. Vet says she's too old for treatment which I wouldn't do. Drinking lots of water-too much. Panting a lot-sign of pain? Not really interested in anything and looks sad to me. Blind and deaf. She had trouble getting up off the tiled floor this morning. This is so hard. Eating ok-giving her wet food. Anyone with a similar experience?

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There are 2 pairs of reds on the Irish setter rescue, I donn`t know if you want 2 but thought I would mention it, I have put my feelers out for you and I shall let you know if anything turns up. As Dianne said you have a lot of love to give a very lucky Irish. Take care and good luck x

Thanks Angela. Are they on IS rescue site? Don't think that 2 is a good idea!! Twice the loss. Let me know if 1 turns up. Thank you to all for your kind comments. It's very comforting to know that you all know how I feel. X
So sorry to hear of your loss I lost my sweet beautiful girl in December she was only three yrs it was the hardest decision I ever had to make to let her go but in my heart I knew it was the right thing for me to do for her two weeks after loosing her I was offered a one year old but it wasn't the right time for me and at the time I didn't think I could ever have another then in feb I was looking through the paper and there he was Harvey 5months old for sale returned to the breeders as the husband never really wanted a dog I just knew he was for me he will never replace ruby but he certainly helped mend my broken heart and brought the laughter back into our lives I hope this brings some comfort to you and when the times right for you you can give another some special love x

Hi Claire, yes they are on IS rescue but they do want to home them together. I am sure there is a beautiful red out there for you very soon, take care  www.irishsetterrescue.co.uk/rescue.php




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