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Missing irish setter Molly - Congresbury, North Somerset area

Molly is a 12 year old irish setter.  She went out to spend a penny on Boxing Day and has not been seen since.

Her owners are not on the internet so we do not have a photograph yet (will post one as soon as received) but all relevant authorities have been notified - dog warden, local vets etc.

If anyone is in the Congresbury BS49 area, please can you help spread the word and look out for Molly. Her owners are desperate to find her.

Click on the link for more info and contact details.


Many thanks,

Kathryn / Jackalee - DogLost Area Co-ordinator NW 

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I hope Molly is found safe and sound.  As a child we had our young Labrador disappear never to be seen again which caused much sadness and trauma to my brother and I for years walking morning and afternoon calling him until we moved away.  Each time, one of my naughty 'reds' have got out and I am driving the streets, asking everyone looking, I go thru the same stress and fear of never seeing them again.  I do sincerely hope for Molly and her owners there is a happy ending.

Im sorry to hear your Molly is missing to pasted the post which i found on fb onto my site a few days ago. I had hop-ed for you that she would be back at home. Id be beside myself if any of mine went walk about so  i know how you feel. My currrent oldie is now 12 1/2. I lost my 151/2 last  feb and he was blind and he had a tendency to wander off and it was difficult over the last couple of years of his life. I ended up with him constantly on the lead. at first a light on him used to guide hi and id use the torch. You will do anything to make life easy for them.. I do hope your molly returns ok..

Thank you all for your kind comments.  I'm finding this so frustrating.  As an irish setter owner I really want to help them out but just too far away.  I have asked again today if there is any news but nothing so far.  One of the local helpers are going to contact them again tomorrow to see if they have heard anything.  Just wish Molly was home, can't imagine how I would feel if it was mine.  Mind you he has given me a couple of scares.  He is only 2 and has taken to running off into the hills without any notice (as setters do) so have decided to start him off on whistle training in the next couple of weeks, if only for long distance recall.  I see too many heartbreaking stories on DogLost and would hate for him to appear on my missing list :(

Oh poor Molly and family. I live about 10/15 mins from congresbury and will also facebook a notice and spread the word to local friends etc.

Thank you Louise, its very much appreciated :)

Has anyone contacted the local BBC radio station? our local station is really good at reporting lost dogs,  There is an oldie locally who has been missing for quite a while now, and they did a lot of publicity on him just before Christmas, and local people (and doglost) organised search parties to scour the woods where he went missing.

I keep hoping that Molly will be found soon....what a terrible time for her and her family.  Please let us know when she is found, please.

I am worried too.I fear the worst now.

Still no news I'm afraid :(  

I can't believe it, we haven't had a setter registered as lost since 2009 and not we have another one.  Ruby, 2 years old missing from Shirebrook, Mansfield NG20 (Central).  Escaped when the fence blew down on the 5th Jan.  I will make a new post for her later but this is the link to her DogLost page.  Only a baby!!


The link says:

Very sadly Ruby is at Rainbow Bridge. I'm so sorry that she didn't make it home XX>>


That is terrible news.I am so sorry.

Read it again and further on it says lost in Rainbow Bridge does that mean she is dead or lost in an area of that name?

Have just had a read of the comments below the "missing" poster and it says she did not make it home and that she is at Rainbow Bridge. Such sad sad news, poor little girl, poor family they must be devastated. My thought are with you and also Molly's family stil waiting for news xx




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