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Missing irish setter Molly - Congresbury, North Somerset area

Molly is a 12 year old irish setter.  She went out to spend a penny on Boxing Day and has not been seen since.

Her owners are not on the internet so we do not have a photograph yet (will post one as soon as received) but all relevant authorities have been notified - dog warden, local vets etc.

If anyone is in the Congresbury BS49 area, please can you help spread the word and look out for Molly. Her owners are desperate to find her.

Click on the link for more info and contact details.


Many thanks,

Kathryn / Jackalee - DogLost Area Co-ordinator NW 

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How terribly sad. I do so hope Molly makes it home.

I am must be thick but it said the owner and Ruby had been reunited and didn't say the dog was dead.  I really hate the euphemism "Rainbow Bridge".

I am really saddened that Ruby is dead,it is an ending that no one could forsee and I really feel for her family in their loss.

No Howard you're not thick, bit confusing because at the top it does say they were reunited but underneath is the sad news. PS (whispers) I hate Rainbow Bridge too but guess it avoids the harsh reality for a while xx

No Ruby did not make it home, I am gutted for her family.  Far too young.  Run free at the bridge sweet Ruby :(

Howard, working with DogLost we find the euphemism 'Rainbow Bridge' is so much kinder to owners than 'dead' and it is the term most people prefer to use.  

I am  so sorry to  learn she didn't make it. Poor little girl and her poor family :-(

I am so sad tonight that Ruby did not make it home to her forever family.  I do hope that soon someone will find Molly safe so she can make it back home.  Thoughts are with Ruby's and Molly's families.

I feel likewise, Sherry, it's tragic.

There's a lesson there about checking when  letting dogs out on dark stormy night. The fence between our garden and the neighbours blew down last week and we had no idea till sunrise - luckily theirs is an enclosed space but these stories have made me realise how different it could have been if their property was open to the road.

I so hope that it will be Molly!!

I hope it is Molly too.  How long before you can confirm?

I hope it is too but it is over 100 miles,a long way for an old dog unless someone took her.

I hope so too but it is over 100 miles ,a long way for an old dog, unless someone took her.

If it was a 100 miles, it is unlikely Molly got there  under her own steam even after this length of time at her age but not impossible.   I hope it is her so she can re-united with her human family.  It would be great to find out how she got there but the main thing is for her to be re-united with her family.




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