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Barkley was absolutely terrible. He would go off his food for days at a time, then when his appetite returned he would only pick his way through very specific things, and if those things weren't offered, he would just walk away from his bowl with a real look of disgust.

After a couple of bouts of sickness, and vet checks where I expressed my concern that he was starting to show the same symptoms as Tallulah, they found nothing at all wrong - they said. I was told that his blood results were all perfectly normal and no, you are over reacting because of Tallulah!

I know, I know, I should have demanded to see the results.   In the meantime, Barkley had turned into Mr. Pencil man as he was so thin.  However, eventually one of the emergency vets discovered (here we go again) a mild pancreatic abnormality.  His blood results were indeed flagging issues, despite the lazy medicine of the others who just overlooked the slight dip in certain markers.

Anyway the upshot of all this is that I bunged him on the same digestive enzymes as Tallulah. Now for months Barkley has wolfed down just about everything put in front on him (apart from tripe) and has licked the bowl clean, AND come to me looking for more. When I have given him more he was so stuffed that he started complaining of tummy ache, so I think I know now just how much he needs (despite all the looks of "I'm still starving mum). 

Now he wolfs down his food, he looks stunning. Lovely weight and whats more, no more trips to the vet with bouts of sickness or any other symptoms.  His last visit to the vets was September last year which was related to bee stings! 

He has now lost the title.... Mr. Picky. If your dog is fed a very good species appropriate diet, and is being very picky, has regular gastric upsets which the vet can find no cause for, give those enzymes a try.  Likewise you may be amazed by the results, and save some of your money disappearing into your vets account.

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Hi Fran - could you tell me the name of the enzymes you use and where to get them please

Yes Maggie, here they are :)  start off with about 1 scoop per day, just in case there is a reaction to the bovine content.  If everything ok after a couple of days increase to 3 scoops per day for a setter, and if its going to help you may start to notice little changes to stools within a few days, and appetite changes about 3 weeks.  What happens is that the food they get inside them start reprogramming the brain that the food is actually doing them some good, and then appetite goes mad.  Hope it works for your dog as it has for Barkley, because it is so lovely to see a bowl licked clean and a very happy face after a meal :-)http://www.evolutionorganics.co.uk/dr-mercola-digestive-enzymes-for...




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