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My Daisy started coughing 4 days ago and after taking her to the vets who did a chest x-ray has told me that she has lung cancer and actually wanted to put her to sleep straight away. However she was running round the garden last week and I don't feel that she should go just yet.  Does anyone know of anything that will extend her life without making her suffer?  She has got pain killers and the vet said she has about 2 months maybe.  I've had her 12 years and after loosing my Great Dane last month can't stand the thought of loosing another.

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Oh my goodness I am so sorry to hear your awful news and have nothing I can say to help you. I just wanted to say something x
so sorry to hear your sad news. we know how hard it is our old irish setter eilish had cancer and we kept her as long as we could, she was happy and didnt appear that she was suffering. Then one morning we knew it was time. im sure youll know when that is. just been watching the video of your dogs, what a wonderful life they have and that helps to know that.
So sorry to hear about Daisy its really hard when they are not well and there's nothing you can do to help.Just try and enjoy the time you have left with her, think of all the happy memories you've had together and the fact that yougave her a good life. Thinking about you both. Alison,Rosie and Millie
Hi Deborah. Maybe a little practical and easy help for your girl (and you)

Nothing nicer than a massage for an old girl. rosemary and ylang ylang. Gently massage her shpulders and her ears, work along the back and then grip the root of the tail gently and firmly and rock it two or three times.

Ecchinacea (in cheonic dose) is really good for boosting the immune system and just helping the fight.

Spend some time thinking how you wil manage this situation and I wush you lots of luck
I am so sorry. My thoughts and prayers are with you both and hope you have more time together.
I am so sorry to hear about your dog. I had to put my epileptic setter down after three horrible years , I kept treating him and sitting with him through many emergencies, and long after the vet had advised that he should be allowed to go peacefully, - but I agree with you, keep her as long as you feel she is not suffering too much and is able to enjoy some quality of life. When the time comes, you will find it easy to let her go - she will ask you to help - never fear. In the meantime, you can do things together that make you both happy and it will be a precious memory. Best regards, Amita.
I am so sorry. However years ago I was toold my old boy Zeus had lung cancer also the vet even sent home moraphine to give him of the pain got to bad. So we watched him my husband even too him out for his last hunt he was 13 at the time we lost him 3 1/2 years later at 16 1/2 the mass in his lung must have been incapsulated and never turn into anything.
Thank you everybody for your kind words and thoughts. She is really quite well apart from the cough so we are spending quality time together. Doesn't want to go for a walk and happy to potter about the garden, still managed to steal a piece of bacon out of my hand yesterday! Hopefully she won't go down hill too quickly.
I am thinking of you, i lost my old lady over night,12mths ago today she was 12 make the most of these days
arrh, i love the fact she is still on form with the food nabbing! Yesterday I was cooking a roastie for friends and ended up being 2 yorkshire puds short. emm... wonder where they went!
My 10 month old reuben has had a cough since 10 weeks old and the vets (after numerous tests/procedures) still have no diagnosis and I seem to have a permanent worry cloud hanging over me. But at present he is active, eating and happy and I am having a lovely time with him.
Enjoy your time together and am thinking of you.
You have my utmost sympathies ... our family just lost a setter two weeks ago. For what it's worth, my philosophy has always been to make that most difficult decision based on the dog's comfort and ability to enjoy just a little bit more life. Setters have the capacity to find that joy to a greater extent than many breeds ... I truly hope someone can make a suggestion that will give you more time. Best wishes.
Just to let you know that Daisy was put to sleep this morning. She couldn't breath properly, stopped eating and she wasn't comfortable anywhere and looked very distressed so I took the very painful decision to stop her suffering. Thanks to everyone for your thoughts.





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