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I am upset after taking Cash to the groomer to get his nails done.  I was suppose to get the feet trimmed as well but after what was the most upsetting experience we gave up on it all.  I have never had a dog react so badly to nail trimming.  When he was a little pup he would sleep through it.  We do it every ten days or so, so it isn't a matter of not often enough to get used to it.  Dublin was so bad about it, that we tried this dog to work on it from day one.  We had to start taking him to the groomer because he would carry on when we did it so badly it was ruining his relationship with my husband.  He would run and hide from him all the time.  Anyway it has gotten worse each time Barb does him.  He has knocked her down and they have like five people holding him.  For a while if I waited and brought him after his running, he would be a bit better about it.  But today after his playtime we headed over.  Barb was off today so the other gal did him, well tried to.  I think she has a black eye now.  He was throwing himself off the groomers table and hanging himself!  I was freaked out watching from outside the area and had to tell them to just stop.  He was screaming.  Actually screaming, and I was concerned it was traumatizing him badly.  So what do I do now?  They told me some dogs have to be medicated to do it.  That seems so extreme but then again I don't want him going through this experience and getting any worse about it.

What ideas might you have?  They told me it is more common than I realize it is.  Because I was so embarrassed about it.

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the clippers are the kind with the guard on them?  Looks rather like pliers I guess.  And he gets the dremel each time also.  He was pretty good with Barb all along.  Maybe I shouldn't have let new people touch him.  She knew that she shouldn't lift his legs up.  She has found that she sits under him almost and has this very calm touch.  If she left his foot flat on the table almost he would fuss less.  And yes he has been cut a few times here and there.  Not recently though.  But sure that must have triggered it.  And yes for some reason he needs his done every couple of weeks to keep them short enough for my husband.  He is phobic about long nails on the dog because the quick grows out with the nail then.  I will let him be for a couple weeks and work on the things you suggested with training him.  I kiss and pet his feet every night over and over again while he lays next to me.  He doesn't react unless you try to cut the nail.   Your right the fact that I was near tears and felt that he might never recover from the fight they put up with him, I am rather angry now that I didn't stop it sooner.  He wanted no part of it from the get go.  I should have just waited till my groomer was there.  I will try also to work with Barb on visiting her for treats only and stuff till he gets calmer about seeing her again.  She is great and I am sure will work with us on this problem.  I am not keen on drugging him for this.  It seems so wrong.  Thanks so very much for the advice.

My dogs only get their claws trimmed if and when they are overgrown.As they walk many miles on hard surfaces as well as running on grass,they rarely need cutting.As long as they have flat ends to their claws and they are not curling towards their pads which ,really, never happens.

In setters it is difficult because ,usually,their claws are black and the quick can't be seen,

The last time I had to cut claws was for my sadly missed Maggie who died nearly two years ago.Towards the end she couldn't walk very far so they had to be done. 

I don't show my dogs, so is it a requiste of showing that claws are trimmed so frequently?

Exactly Sue and Cash isn't shown Howard but we hear the clickity click and know he needs it. 

Also it isn't good for them to grow long when they are out and about running everyday.  Not comfortable for the dog.  We also would have his feet trimmed under and on top every month.

He doesn't walk on hard surfaces, mainly mulched areas, indoors and grass.  His grow very fast I guess. 

I was just thinking that. My oldies need trimming but the younger ones keep theor nails down by walking on hard surfaces. It also helps keep the feet tight. Sometimes dogs who dont have a good tight well muscled foor will have claws that have grown quickly.


Poor Sue it is a nightmare but Sue's slow and easy advice with lots of praise and treatrs and a cuddle will get you there. But do yourself a favour put the clippers away and get him out walking on tarmac and concrete!

I won't see concrete again for a good six weeks!  Our sidewalks are buried under 2 feet of snow now and will stay that way till a good spring thaw comes along.  Then we can flood!

No excuse woman!! Lift your fancy rugs and lay paving flags on your floors


Where is your sense of conviction. Call yourself a good mum .... really!!!

He does YES drive a snow plow and has cleared the driveways up and down and cleared our sidewalk but the others have not done that.  I can't think of just walking back and forth in front of my little house.  BORING!  I will get Cash back on the horse so to speak and he will get his nails done again in a few weeks by Barb our favorite groomer, she is the manager of the place.  She worked miracles with him before and will again.  We plan to visit her for just treats and hugs a few more times before I make him get back on the horse....errrr grooming table! 
Well at least I was letting her stay inside - you two are just heartless! Have you seen their snow?
but keeps his nails exposed!
Poor Sue is trumatised now! She has to knit mitts for Cash... but if she cant get out
After a joke like that I think you better <g>




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