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I'm looking after my friends Reddins girls for a few weeks and one of them has just stolen the lovely £20 joint of beef from the back of the worksurface!


Still I gave it a good wash, no one will ever know!

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that is so funny. Our first IS took easter eggs and unwraped them on the bed.

The Christmas before last I painstakingly made that Elizabeth David spiced beef recipe that involves marinating a large expensive cut of beef in pepper, sugar and spices for a fortnight, turning it every few hours then slow cooking it. Our nephew and wife were leaving before the supper it was intended for so we cut them off a chunk, wrapped it and went out to wave them off. When I went to serve it later, it was nowhere to be found. Our Irish Setter, Troy, had never been known to pinch any food so we'd left it on the countertop. I thought I'd given them the whole joint in an absent-minded moment and had to wait till the following day to ask the awkward question. 'No, wish you had, but you didn't' they said.

Boxing Day, in the mirror, I saw Troy creep into the kitchen and climb up to the countertop to try to snaffle the ham - repeat offender caught in the act! I realised then that there'd been a few times when we've waved friends away after dinner and come back indoors to think the other person had cleaned up the kitchen plates with leftovers.

They are so fast too.  After Boxing day one year we were cutting the meat of the turkey carcass and Grace came from nowhere, popped her head under my elbow and ran off with the leg!  I know you shouldn't laugh but it was very difficult to keep a straight face!!
You still can't beat my late Maggie who completely emptied and ate the contents of my fridge that she had opened  late on Christmas Eve.No shops so no food but my d-in-l saved our bacon,literallly!
mine don't steal ever - as long as I watch them. But as soon as I don't look, they steal food from the kitchen counter. Behind my back! I love my two red thieves.
at least you are honest. Molly much the same here.

Hello All and Eunice who owns my Annabelle's sister,

I had one who carefully climbed onto the kitchen bench and ate a whole Lasgna!!! Didn't break the dish though, which was great brcause it was my favourite dish.

Annabelle did try to steal in front of me and everyone else at the show on Friday. Ordered my breakfast, (I always buy from the show) and suddenly a sweet red-head had her face on the counter wondering if I had put on the right sauce for her. Made everyone laugh!!

thats so funny... Molly would not do that ha ha

My four year old grandchildren laid the garden table with their sandwiches, crips, cakes etc and came in to tell me leaving the back door open - if only I had a camera, their faces were a picture when there was nothing on the table when they went back to eat - my two reds scoffed the lot in one hit and looked like angels !

OMG, these stories are so funny, although I guess I shouldn't be laughing.  My gorgeous Tess is so well behaved; a very quiet girl who never does anything wrong!!!!!  Perfect in every way.  Well, not so long ago, my lovely 'Miss Perfect' stole our two scotch fillet steaks that were on the bench thawing out.  Only sign that she had been there were the plastic wrap that was on the floor.  When I asked her if she'd eaten them, she looked me straight in the eye, meaning 'of course not Mum'.  How could I not believe her (lol).  Must have been the cat!!!!!!!!!!!!.
Lynn, how can you even think the lovely Tess would do such a wicked thing :-). XXX MUST HAVE BEEN THAT CAT 




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