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I have a 11 month old male ....who over the last few weeks as been humping every dog he comes across ,,,,,taking him out is a nightmare ...he runs off and follows other dogs and will not return much to the annoyance of other dog owners ......I really don't want to get him castrated .....but can't carry on with his behaviour ...any advice welcome ....thanks Karen

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it sounds like he's going through his teenage rebellious phase - we had that with all 3 of our 'boys'. It lasted for 4-6 weeks with each of them and was a hard time! Don't get him castrated, it doesn't help and ruins his coat. Try keeping him on a long lead and go back over his recall training. I don't know if this will help, but I'm pretty sure this phase will pass.

Good luck!

Thanks so much ..that certainly helps as I really don't want to get him done .....I will percervive ....
He's just finding what his male bits are for, they get a few spikes through life it's normal. My boy is three and even now he often likes to borrow my leg what the hell settles him down. I find it's not that Irish are being naughty with recall they are in the zone and truly don't hear us. Hang in there it eases for a while. On the whole my boys fine lots of good sniffing areas plant a couple of treats when he's not looking if poss and start helping him to find them he will soon be distracted.
Thanks ....I will perceive ...

Neutering can help some dogs, but it does change the coat and alters the metabolism, so if you can train through it, it would be better.  However, if you come really unstuck, you can get an implant by the name of Suprelorin which blocks testosterone from the pituitary gland. It can make them worse for a few weeks, but once it really gets going it can be a tremendous help, but as I say, if you can train through this, it would be better.  A lot of vets dismiss Suprelorin (because they want to neuter) saying it only lasts 6 months. A lot of people say it lasts much longer though, anything up to a year.  Don't let your vet persuade  you to try a Tardak injection instead, because that really does screw some dogs up big time and can cause aggression. You might like to shop around a few vets, because some charge too much for Suprelorin. So ask around as to who uses it, and how much they charge if you need to go down that road.

Thanks a lot Fran .....I think I am just going to try and ride the storm .....
Hi again, as Fran said castration may help some dogs but truly is no guarantee to stop the humping.
One of my old girls humped till the end at 13 years of age. She was spayed.
Just go with the flow tell people he's just a big baby which he is.
Good luck it's worth it to keep their beautiful coat. Also I suggest you read up on castrating a male a huge swing away from it. The cancer a castrated male gets is far more serious than testicular cancer that with regular observation you can catch early.
Cheers Rose
Hi there Karen I picked up my Bracken when he was 1 year old, he humped my poor girl Lena who was 10 years old at the time all the way home on the M1 and M25. I thought 'what have I done to my lovely quiet Lena' bringing this sexy boy into her life!
However he soon settled down and was no trouble again with her or other bitches.

Unfortunately I was advised 9months ago to have Bracken neutered (aged 8) as the vet though he had a tumour in his testicle. This turned out to be incorrect, I now have one great big fluffy teddy bear/Irish Setter, still so loveable but a nightmare to groom and he used to have a gorgeous show coat.
Hi Valerie

Thanks for reply ....I really don't want to have him done ..so will hang on in the other thing that has happened at this time he was gone off his food .....still hungry be won't eat .....I am reluctant to change his food as he has a sensitive tummy .....is it related to his desires ..lol
I don't know if his feeding problem is related, but I do know some can be difficult with food. We have had a couple who worried me, what do you feed him on with his sensitive tummy? Lots of people seem to feed raw, but Bracken won't touch it.
He was on James well beloved ...then I was recommended Callagan ...

There's a lot of 'growing up' going on at his age and yes I know several of mine have gone off their food at around that time. If he's a good weight then try to stick with the food that suits him...he won't starve himself (forever:))

My youngest was very skinny even on raw, and then he and the other young one decided to test me by not eating raw or anything else for more than a couple of meals. I persevered and finally they eat very well. I can't honestly say a surplus of testosterone came into the equation though!




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