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I have a 11 month old male ....who over the last few weeks as been humping every dog he comes across ,,,,,taking him out is a nightmare ...he runs off and follows other dogs and will not return much to the annoyance of other dog owners ......I really don't want to get him castrated .....but can't carry on with his behaviour ...any advice welcome ....thanks Karen

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Well Dougal HAD to go under the knife. Anytime a bitch was in season, if he couldn't get to her , (which he couldn't) he was wrapping me up! I couldn't turn my back on him, he was crazed! I had no plans to breed him, so hopefully now he won't be stressed wanting to fulfill his natural desires.

That's Kimberley ...I am still very undecided .....
Hi I've never had any of my boys done, the first two never seemed interested in the girls, Finlay had a bad spell that seemed to last about 3months, but he grew out of it now it's just the birds and cats he wants to chase (",)
Oh Ellen, how I wish that had been the case with Dougal!! The first time, he was about 6months, then it happened again when he was a year old. I had to stay armed with a squirt bottle at all times! Then he would stand at the door and howl! It was bad!
Hi it is not naughty for a entire mail to hump it's natural and like a teenage boy sometimes the hormones are racing. Do you hit a teenage boy with a bucket of water to stop them? Using a squirt bottle is crazy what does it teach? If you have a bitch in season close no wonder the poor dog is frantic it nature. It comes and goes in different ages I've found with our boys. As Ian Dunbar says if they need the odd leg for a couple of seconds so be it. Just be patient with them especially a youngster as I said it's nature. If you desex there is absolutely no guarantee the humping will stop I've taught loads of dogs that hump like fiends even though they are desexed. Good luck love your boy and forgive him for doing what nature intended it will ease and then possible come back at different times in his life.

Mt youngest boy, George, is a nightmare when we go to the beach for some reason lol I think he just gets so excited, he humps the next oldest (Harry) for dear life  every two minutes!! The other two have never been so bad, just the odd times...Merlin, now 8 has never humped anything or anybody in his life but Harry now 5 humps Merlin sometimes, usually if Merlin has been out somewhere on his own. I agree with Rosie that's it just natural and one of the joys of owning boys!! I would never consider de sexing for that reason.

He'll get over it. Work hard on your recalls. Do not recall unless you can be certain he will come back. Make sure he can hear you and then never repeat it. If he doesn't return you must go and quietly collar him. But for practising, the best reward for a successful recall is immediate freedom again. Running in the opposite direction or hiding helps to get a dog dashing back to you. 

I'm a vet and my male dog is entire and definitely going to stay that way.

Hi there, mine has just hit the same problem. He is 13 months old and his recall has gone to pot. Constantly looking for females and won't come back. Did you get him castrated in the end?

No Alison we didn't we percervived and he settled occasionally now if he sees a bitch he might have a go but once recalled he's ok ....it was a nightmare I dreaded going out ...and I didn't believe he would settle .he's now 21 months .....hope this helps ..Karen




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