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Hi All, 

Has anyone noticed the setters coats condition changing after neutering? 

We are considering getting Brett done a few months now , and in the past few weeks hes been trying to hump everything around him, so we definitely want to get it done.
But ive heard that the coat loses its glossiness and the condition of it in general isnt great. 

Advise much appreciated , 
thanks, Jackie 

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That is good news, I would rather he have them as long as possible for his growth and stuff.
Try and find some more neutered setters and see for yourself what they look like , before you make a decision.
And dont believe all your vet tells you either :))

Its likely your dog will get a thick woolly coat that needs constant thinning and trimming, and that the gloss and colour will fade

I wouldnt spay or neuter unless there is a compelling health reason
Young adult male dogs eventually stop humping/ marking etc when their hormones settle down
Here is an excellent article by Laura Sanborn on the effects of spaying and neutering, which may help you with making a decision

what a good article - could you put it on the Rossmore file Margaret
Do you think it matters, in regards to coat changes, if you spayed as a puppy versus waiting till later in life when some dogs due to other health issues would have coat changes anyway? Mine were always done young at six months so you won't see coat changes because they hadn't developed the adult coat to know. And is it worse in females versus males? I always hear it called spay coat, that is a female then? Cash is already woolish and sort of wild hair boy so it will be interesting to see now how his coat develops and you will all get to see it first hand through pictures. He did fine with the surgery and as I had guessed he has no clue they did anything to him. They did a nice clean job, and other than his shaved upper leg for the IV you wouldn't know they did a thing. Barely noticable in regards to stitches. I also did have him microchipped as well since I felt it was safer even in light of the controversy suddenly coming to light about it's safety. I was concerned someone would steal him and I won't be able to prove he is mine without it.

Hey everyone,

Just an update on this, we went ahead and got Brett neutered in July and in the past month we have started seeing changes in his coat, mainly around the front of his legs. Its gone fluffy and sparse.

Its not a huge deal to us, just hoping the rest of him doesnt go like this.

Apart form that hes happy and well behaved, and most importantly still healthy.

Looking forward to our first Christmas with him :)


Have a wonderful Christmas everyone,


Jackie x

I had my female spayed when she was 2 years old and a few months, She still has a nice coat, people still comment on how shiny and red her coat is. It does change the coat, makes it a bit wavy and less shiny, but not that big of a deal :)

Hi Jackie,

My setter is a bitch, I had her spayed nearly a year ago and her coat is fantastic... 

Happy new year x





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