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Baylee is 10 mos. old and since he is a pet with many behavioral problem I plan on having neutered next month. My concern is this, is there anyway supplements oor whatever to prevent his hair color or texture from changing, please any suggestion.

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Brilliant advice Rosie.

Thank you Howard..
No Kimberly, the U.S is not the only country overpopulated by shelter animals, Australia is shocking:(( pure breeds too! Very sad.

I think too many dogs in shelters and neutering are different issues and it comes down to responsible dog ownership, or the lack of, as to whether you allow your dog to sire or whelp a litter of puppies.  

Couldn't agree more, Lesley. Treating all dog owners as irresponsible is not the way to solve a problem.

Unfortunately many responsible people listen to their vet (he's a 'professional' after all) and think they are doing the right thing by neutering without fully understanding what a major decision this is. Irresponsible people probably wouldn't go to the vet in the first place!

When I took Bess to the vets at 8 weeks he was all but booking her in to be spayed at 6 months. He was taken aback when I said she wouldn't be spayed. At the puppy party at the vets everyone was told they should neuter at that age just as casually as discussing worming. I threw a spanner in the works by asking about the side effects of neutering - made some people sit up and take notice as to then the nurse hadn't described any. Don't think I was her favourite person!

No wonder responsible owners feel under pressure to 'do the right thing'!
Yes, I totally agree, the pressure to or not is so heavy in the States a person who chooses not is almost an outcast!!! Baylee boy is intact and as a puppy I now believe he needs to stay intact.

Yes Kay, that's what I was referring to with Rob's post, we were raised that "responsible" owners spay/neuter if they're not planning to breed. Cultural differences I guess :) Ps I'm not advocating either way, it's everyones own decision. : )




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