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Not setter related, but I need an answer about a breed originating in the UK

Are border collies a recognized breed by the Kennel Club? If no, does anybody know if they have a 'version' of a kennel club who might have written a breed standard? I am up to my eyeballs in a discussion here in the US that there is "no need" for a border collie to have a breed standard, and what the AKC "made up" makes no sense because "you can't really judge a border collie unless its on performance". I figured I might try asking here. I've already tried the "so, if performance is the only criterium, what prevents me from entering my PIG in your herding event?". While some folks got the joke the poster did not. ON topic, the discussion is about the value of the dual-purpose dog, of which I put forth that, in the US, dual-purpose Irish are making significant headway in both the show ring and field.



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OMG  Border Collie is one of the 12 original Scottish Breeds

It is an interesting question with no clear answer.

Yes, The UK Kennel Club does have a breed standard for the Border Collie. But I would guess that the majority of working Border Collies is not registered with the KC but with the ISDS and the breed is called Working Sheepdog or Border Collie. There is a long history why that is so but don't ask me!

Have a look here for more information: http://www.isds.org.uk/society/index.html

Thank you! There's certainly food for thought in the information you've given me, and some interesting reading. I had no idea the Australian lines were so influential here in the States. All the arguments I've heard so far seem to be reinventing the wheel that we've already patented :-)


Thanks again.

Not just Aust lines but also New Zealand - Clan-Abbey Borders have done well in the US including the **first AKC champion** of the breed, & Best of Opposite Sex at Westminster K.C. 1996 - NZ/Am Ch Clan-Abbey To-Hell-And-Back.  Clan-Abbey Borders have done even better in the UK.




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