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im pretty new to this site but just wondered if its ever been considered to have an obituary section? When we lost our 2 old girls last year it was comforting to read other peoples experiences on another dog forum that i go on. just a thought

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I think that is a very nice idea - our dogs are very much part of our lives and certainly one of the family. However I hope not to contribute to it for some years yet! Who were the girls you lost? My friend lost her Georgia about a year ago now aged 13 years - I put a few pictures together in an album (mainly because my friend isn't good with the camera), she was really 'made up' with the album. You are quite right you need to express your emotions and this site seems to be a very friendly forum and would offer all of us a very understanding 'shoulder'
hi Alison, yes, we did have one already, please check here: http://irishsetters.ning.com/forum/topics/865021:Topic:478




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