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Poster to promote Irish Setters at local show

I'm entering Merlin in Western Australia's biggest agricultural show (like a state fair) at the start of October and want to display some information about the breed. I believe we are the only Irish Setter entering and the main reason I've entered is to give the public a chance to see our wonderful breed. This is the only benched show in WA and the dog show is just one small part of a much larger event. Lots of people come through the dog pavilion and for many it is the most exposure to different dog breeds they will ever have.

I've put together a poster that I hope is informative and interesting. I'm not a breeder and Merlin is my first Irish Setter (and the first I've got to know properly) so everything I've written here is from my own research and personal opinion. I'd really appreciate any feedback and suggestions or corrections on what I've written.

I also need one more picture - I'd like to have a picture of a typical European style show dog, contrasting with the American style and the working dog I already have pictured. One that highlights the difference - stockier body, broader head, lots of 'movement' in the coat and groomed and presented in the European style. There are lots of photos online, but they all seemed to have very strict statements about not using them without permission, so I'm hoping someone on here can give me permission to use one of their photos.

The poster is designed to be 3 A3 sized pages (297mm x 420mm), displayed side by side so the pages will represent the Irish flag. I'm worried that the text is too small and I've written too much, but hopefully it is interesting enough that people will stop and read it.

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Hi Helen, Your bench looks realy great, you should be very proud of yourself. The time you must have spent on it was well worth it, and merlin with his hansom pose finished it to perfection. Very well done <:0)

Hello Hellen,

I hope that you have spent nice day at the show. Your bench shows us that you are really involved in the breed! Great job!





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