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Let me  say first that ES is an amazing source of knowledge and info and I enjoy good discussions but many on this list find that my responses are sometimes "tart" and sometimes offensive.

This is born of frustration. I will, make no mistake.  help anyone who genuinely needs advie about a dog.

However, what scares the bejaysus out of me is the number of people who come to this list with a "problem" They write what they think is the issue and posters begin to respond, then the questioner posts a little more and then more.

What do they hope to achieve - an answer they like that fits better than the vet or the behaviourist, one that eases their own mind



Far too many times now we have seen a saga of information - from the badly behaving youngster whom we subseqently discovered had previously lost his lifetime companion several weeks before, the dog who wouldnt go in the garden and now we see further health revelations and just then the dog with "cold tail "  who is told he "might have damaged his spine"If these are your posts dont be offended there were many many more but please do all beware! The internet is a powerful tool of communicatio and chat lists are just that they are places to share experience, they are not vet surgeries where diagnosis comes down line or behaviour consultations where only half the case history is available.

Please think before you post. Either ask for more information if you think you can help or decide what you are writing fully when you raise a question!

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What a fascinating discussion! The interplay between the dogs, humans and other pets etc in  our household (and visitors) gives me endless hours of reflection...doesn't get me very far, but its really intriguing.

Thank you both for an interesting insight into what goes on in your worlds : -)

Angela Stockdale used to actively encourage you to just sit and watch the dogs. I never needed any encouragement!

That is what I do at the dog park.  I am always amused and amazed at how they have formed their own little packs within the place.  Same people/dogs come daily at the same times.  And when a first timer comes in, they have to earn their place in the groups.  Some don't mind a new one, others ignore and others dominate.

And sometimes the dog picked on the worst winds up within weeks being the their favorite.  I agree much better than television.

sorry to hear about your loss by the way Ossian.
Thanks Louise. I miss her every day, and I will for a long time yet




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